Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perfect Curry

Si Fu Lawrence got the recipe from his Authentic Indian friend,
and it got passed all around fr Sophia Road to KL to Ipoh...

Ppl in KL + Ipoh had been cooking with this recipe
and enjoying its labour...
oh yum...
So Si Fu Lawrence when are u gonna cook this for Tracie????
This one supposed to be a lamb curry,
but I got so sick of it that JS re-innovated and used pork ribs instead
*double yipeeeeeee*
the meat was so soft that it was tearing fr its bone effortlessly
taste of cumin, coriander, cinnamon were bursting on my tongue...
oh YUM.
I enjoyed it so much, I can have this every single day.

JS: "WAT???AGAIN???????? Can we have something else???"
"hehehehehehehe, but it's so tasty wor........can u please cook it again tonite??"
JS: *God save me* >_<

eh, sudah berapa hari kita tak makan this one??? can cook again????

but tonite we are goin to Sage,
tmrw nite Si Fu coming,

Saturday nite Sage again,
I know!!! U can cook on Sunday!!!!!

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