Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chef Table by Chef Takashi, Sage

This would be my very first Chef Table experience by Chef Takashi,
while Mr. JS had tried it a couple of time......

Chef Takashi creates a menu which changes on a weekly basis,
based on the fresh ingredients he sourced that particular week.
So I guess Saturday is the best day since ingredients are flown in on Friday.
so u dun order,
u just let Chef create beautiful food on your plate
What a a gastronomic experience.
Nuts and lemon skin pickle bread
This one was a difficult one
too big, too heavy, too .........just too BIG lar
I think I just took 2 sips
>_< Seafood consomme with sea urchin
very very clean taste, I like it :))
this one was a special by Chef
Our Chef Table menu started with Carpaccio of Kampachi with Yukari & Bottarga
"What's a Bottarga?"
JS: "Not your Bottega clutch yea."
Si Fu: "cured fish eggs........"
Si Fu Lawrence & JS
the 2 big rats
seared foie gras with fig & port wine
look at its it melted.
best Foie Gras in msia + spore!!!!!!!
we got the wine decanted to let it breathe....but still so so so big and powerful
we decided to abandon it after one hour.
Align Leftand ordered a burgundy instead.
the price came down in 2 days time...
I had the same bottle on thursday.
JS decided to gasak more, but it ran out of stock. :((
barolo, mersault, dujac
roasted hirame with artichoke veloute
I'm not a fan of roots and roots-liked texture/taste food esp celeriac
the hirame was soooooo good,
crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.
happy me with happy ppl and happy food
grilled wagyu beed with kinusaya and yuzukoshou
perfectly seared
sealed in its own juice
the beef stock
Sous chef, Chef Takashi and lil turqoise man *slightly hidden*
at first both Si Fu and me were wondering wat was that turquoise ala green man doin there
standing and doin nothing.
he's not a chef!!!

in the end we found out he's the "washer".
wash every single utensils fr pots to spoons immediately for immediate re-use.

oh...and Si Fu suggested that we hire 2 green men to help out at home with all the washing and cleaning.
Si Fu: "When u are not cooking, get your green men to hold the fan and fan u."
*mimicked slow elegant fanning action -_-*

yes wait till I'm a Maharani
fedellini pasta with scallop and ginnan
Ginnan - ginkgo nuts
specially made honeydew sorbet
coz someone dun eat pina colada sorbet!!!
my Pina Colada sorbet!!!!!
with coconut cream sorbet
mix em up

both JS and Si Fu were watching intensely
as the line of chefs were searing, grilling, cutting, slicing, heating, cooking, twirling
it's a craftmanship according to them,
I said they are curi-ing some cooking tips.
green tea bavarois with chestnut ice cream
enjoyed only the chestnut chunks and ice creams.happy me happy stomach(s)
heeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar,
Level 6, The Gardens Residence,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328

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