Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Breakfast that lasted till Dinner

*Pic stolen fr Tracie's Sony*
We woke up early on a Deepavali morning
and zoomed to Shangrila to pick Si Fu & Tracie up...

"Sorry....:((( Imbi Market is closed!!!"
so we went to the nearest place with lotsa FOOD @ Jln Imbi!!!!
not to mention....many ppl too :(Nasi Lemak Supreme with squid and chicken rendang

Si Fu Lawrence: "The liao is more than the rice."
fav of the lot was the char kuey teow
which came with everything inside
chilis, cockles, eggs, beansprout etc.
not so fantastic wan tan mee
pork hor fun with a sliced of innards chinese sausage
which came with this!!!
braised toufu and eggs
after sapu-ing the above,
Monkey rubbed her tummy and asked around the table..

"anyone wants roast porkie??? he he he he he he :))))))))))))))"
JS: -_-"
super cunchy crispy can die roast porkie!!!!
passed the crunch test 100%
Tracie then went to queue for her dessert
it was a long long long wait
siew pau!!!!!
the customers went crazy with their orders.

"I want 20 to go."
"Gimme 5 packs and I'll collect it later."
"Please ta pau 3 boxes to go."

It's not like it's free.
the other favourites were fresh fr the oven - mini egg tarts
the custard was so soft and not too sweet with its buttery pastry.
It was so hot and customers were ferociously standing beside us,
waiting for us to get the hell outta there so they can occupy our seats.

erm actually we did the same when we arrived :P
Later we settled at SFC for coffee and dessert

Si Fu Lawrence: "There....snap this pic like this....and blog bout - What's new @ SFC!!!"

Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Weng Hing
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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