Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Laziness kill!!!!

I've been extremely lazy..........
all dressed up to golf,
whacked 100 balls....then sat on the green green grass and gave up!!!!

JS: "Go and work out."
-_- dowan, lazy.

JS: "Go to the driving range and practice."
-_- dowan, lazy.

JS: "Come walk 9 holes with me."
-_- dowan, I sakit.
Mr. JS practicing for some big tournament I think,
anyway he's on the green every single day....

"Boss, my golf slacked. Must be work."
Chris da boss: " Go and find time to practice?"

"I dun have time to" *in fact I'm lazy*
Chris da Boss: "Get your butt off work by late noon and play golf."

"O_O u serious bout this????"
Chris da Boss: "The term & condition is.......U need to find client(s) to play with."

-_- I rather stay in the office and work my ass out then.

thank u anyway boss.

my golf really slacked....went down the drain.
gave up.
maybe menopause coming.

I think I'm being a lazy pig again.

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