Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prego, Westin KL

This dinner was really uneventful,
cept for the good, warm company.Khun Jomta and Khun Sermsak looking jovial
every morning when I see them....the only thai i know was..
"sawadee bai dee mai???"

Jomta: "Sa bai dee kaa. tom yum goong, bpak bung fai deng, kao niao mak muang."

-_- erm of coz she didn't say that....but watever came out fr her lips sounded like tom yum goong to me. haizzzzz
Larry fr Beijing, Clare fr Taipeh, Sermsak fr Thailand
hey Beautiful CS, Larry also quite good looking ya....
but dun think he's your type.

On day 1 of meeting,
both Mommy Jacky and Baby Wei sat directly opposite of Larry
and kept on drooling at him.
-_- x 100000

"eh, can stop drooling and remember to take notes during meeting ok????"
Deepa, JAV, Kay Kay and Amy fr Hong Kong

No matter how hard i spoke cantonese to them...
they replied back in English....
or more like Honglish.
Mr. CEO with both my lady bosses.....

I vely takut of the other one,
for she ctrls one of the largest coffee brand in the world,
real estate management in Spore,
and important brands like chanel, rolex, AP, Tag Heuer in Asiapac.
*okie dun ask me for discount coz we never get them!!!!!!!*
Tim and Gary fr Taiwan and Bruno
Jamie, Sunil, Ashok, Michel, Michelle
Eugene and Jean-M
Elli fr Taipeh & Chris da Boss
Elli = kitty kat = kawaii
everything she has, were so cuteeee
and cute and cute and pink.
Yves and Ah beng
why do u have to spoil the pic all the time???
Kazataka-san and Yuichi-san fr Tokyo
On the 1st nite,
Baby Wei laid her eyes on poor Kazataka

Baby Wei: *hopping up and down* "I wanna sit with Kazataka tmrw....I wanna sit with him."
"-_- OKAY OKAY. I'll put him next to u."

then the next morning,
Baby Wei: "I dowan liao."
"-_- wat is it now??"
Baby Wei: "I dun like his hair."
bread was the best food served that nite
dunno wat salt stewed cod was really extremely BAD
Baby Wei called this aneroxic chicken.
Ah Beng: "U cut it, it's skin. U cut it even more...u see skin....and u cut deeper it's bone."
dessert was edible after all
I felt so bad for this really bad dinner,

that Mommy Jacky drove Elli and gang for Bak Kut Teh at Jln Imbi,
group pic....opsss i cut Tim's face out...
Poor Tim still looked so stunned..

"How's your room? OK? Clean?"
Tim: "Hau Pang aaarr."

"u slept well? no GHOST??"
Tim: "HAIIIII Cherry....nie chern der.............."

Read bout Tim's experience with the crying laydee ghost in Switzerland *here*


licheng said...

for once you didn't cam-whore, coz i didn't see a single pic of you? hahah

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yeah, coz i was the photog :P hehehehe

Tsu Lin + + said...

Re : and important brands like chanel, rolex, AP, Tag Heuer in Asiapac.
*okie dun ask me for discount coz we never get them!!!!!!!*

Haiya.. how come you can read my mind ler??? I was gonna ask when I saw AP & Rolex. SIGH. Back to work folks, no discounts here.


CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: Discounts for luxury items like this are very sensitive, so they rather not give us :"(