Monday, November 24, 2008

Hairy crab @ Shanghai, JW Marriott KL

Shanghai is one of my favourite place for dim sum,
with its heart choking foie gras dim sum and more heart clogging porkie.

I can't make reservation under my name anymore,
coz everytime we FFK-ed
*thanks to my boss*
So dearie JS went to chop a table with room at 6.30pm
using a bottle of burg..
hmmmm I like your style man.
next time i use an umbrella to chop dunno can or not.

Si Fu Lawrence touched down at 6-ish and zoomed straight to the hotel,
in the Friday rain and jam.
*why must it rain every Friday evening???*
it's Friday and I don't want to kill anymore brain cells thinking on what to eat..
"Get me Set B!!! easy peasy."

yeah I think I'll alwiz settle for degustation in the future.
Okie off topic:
went to do shopping with JS on Thursday
me only did window shopping and he ended up with Evisu's merchandises,
Monkey selected the above shirt for him......................haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
during times like this, I thought of helping him to save money instead of spending it on Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss.....mana tau...

Back at home, upon checking on his receipt,
WTF!!!! that shirt cost 500 bucks? GOSH.
Wat BRAND IS TAT??????????? EVISU?????????

and Si Fu Lawrence added that he used to draw birds back in kindergarten
just the way Evisu's swoosh is.
Why don't u paint those cute birds of yours again on some t-shirts
and charge Mr. JS half the price?
wanna think about it?
I'll go source for good quality tees.
as usual, we brought our own glasses.....
awesome crunchy japanese cucumber in blk sesame oil + soy sauce
erm, glutinous "fun pei" in peanut sauce and chili oil
the boys had their dosage of xiao loong pau
and mine came with hairy crab roe!!!!
*get the cholesterol pills on stand by*
sharkfin soup with hairy crab nmeat and ROE
*where's my cholesterol pills?*
I managed to spread love and cholesterol across the table with this.
Steamed hairy crab!!!
"Xiao jie, pls help me to dissect everything!!!"
look at the ROE!!!!
it's like eating salted egg yolk without the saltiness.
*I sensed Si Fu's heart racing and pumping fast as he watched me eating this!!!*
the rest of the crustacean.
braised pork belly,
Okie I didn't order this.
a bit of man tau, some slies of meat and vege..
wat a healthy combo
u get carbo, fiber, meat, fat, vitamins......:D
hehehehheheheheh well balanced meal.
my braised noodle came with caramelised crispy deep fried spring onions
and some greens for the nite,
we finished everything on the table except this plate of greens.
my favourite black sesame dumplings in ginger tea
pow wow!!!! the skin was so thin just like their xiao loong pau,
Monkey and Si Fu Lawrence in his funky lilac shirt,
very nice shirt.....
bet that u are the only one with fashion statement in your organisation.

JS, can I get u some lilac shirt???????

Shanghai Restaurant,
JW Marriott Hotel,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2719 8288


Tsu Lin + + said...

Happy b'day Lawrence - tssk! So happy can celebrate a few wks one. Tssk!

Evisu! That is nice.... have you tried their jeans? They say those fit like a glove?

CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: Thank u for dropping by religiously for more good food. His celebration is more like for a month.

Dare not try...otherwise addicted must buy how? At RM 1,200 for the ladies...I can get 3 Calvin Klein(s). HeheHeHehehehe.