Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

There's alwiz bound to last minute changes,
last minute plans,
last minute requests,
and more last minute changes...
*and the cycle goes over and over and over*

We pulled it off gracefully and elegantly,
and I must say thank you to a certain PR agency for training me to be this good in handling last minute stuffs.
coz they had been "last minute-ed" me at all time.
THANK YOU.Dinner at Bijan, Bukit Ceylon

even when we were about to depart for the last minute-ly planned dinner,
there were still last minute changes....like some important VVIP not in his transport to the restaurant, still busy shopping-ing sumwhere etc.

and je suis cherry, which is moi had to stay back to accommodate all these last minute changes.
haizzzzzzzzz until the very last man was seated on the dining table,
then only we can raise our glass and toast!!
after satisfying their gastronomy adventure for spicy malay food.
the team ushered all the big babies back into their transports,
*and of coz head counts.....1...2...3....4...5.............extra nvm...but kenot LESS!!!!*
we were then off to Sky Bar's VIP lounge with a fantastic view of the twin tower.

"Sunil, u couldn't go there today, see we have brought u as near as possible so u can almost touch the tower!!!!"
Sunil: *in his strong northern indian accent* "YEsssszzzzzz cheh rie. I harfffff to go up theeeere tomorrow."
JAV and Mr. CEO
Marketing team: Fabrice, Baby Wei, Monkey, Michel
JAV & Mommy Jacky
I guess he's the most popular one out there,
been with the brand for 3 generations.
JAV & Baby Wei
everyone queue-ed up to snap a pic with him.
and ME!!!
including our boss -_-
the gals with Mr. CEO
with Yves
we were having difficulty pronouncing his name...
"How do u say Yves Saint Laurent? It's the same."
Baby Wei: "Yes I know...but his family name...."

"errrrm...good question. U may skip his family name. Dunnit to be so formal."
Baby Wei: "-_-"

He's one of the good lookin ones, and he was so infatuated by Jamie

Fabrice just had a baby GAL!!!!
and he was dying to go home back to Switzerland.
well all of us behaved ourselves that nite coz we were the host.
erm maybe except a few of them......
haizzzz -_-
double haizzzzz
*tears came out*
Ah Beng with Mommy Jacky
his shirt spells I AM GAY
he's alwiz in pink......u gonna attract the wrong "girl"
these two whackos were cam-whores the whole nite
unbeatable to the max...
the camera was full of their pics!!!
"MOre more more more"
Baby Wei said Yay for it's all over....
great job well done babe!!!
while we were snapping the last few pics,
saying goodbye..

somebody was busy in the gents...
lil did I know it was my turn the next nite.
Lucky regional meeting is only once a year,
otherwise all of us ought to work for a certain PR agency
coz it makes no difference.

Sky Bar,
Traders Hotel,
KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

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