Monday, November 10, 2008

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5165 A

the much sought after Aquanaut
a sport dress watch from Patek Philippe
apart fr my another favourite - Nautilus

when I first saw it in Baselworld 2007 Switzerland,
sitting in its cube, starring back at me.
I drooled till Ms. Whitherspoon dragged me off.

*Monkey screamed*
Ms. Whitherspoon: "Stop window-shopping-ing. We got work to do."
and during Baselworld 2008,
I saw it again....starring back at me...
this time it's bigger and better!!!!

and so 2 weeks ago, I was hunting for a timepiece...
and Monkey took JS for an innocent shopping trip last Friday.
*very innocent indeed*

He likes it.
I lagi like.
with an open back case
gold rotor
Patek 324 S C self winding movement.


T: "Sorry we just sold our one and only piece 2 days ago."
*monkey sulked and went to the other boutique*

L: "I can't markdown for you coz we are supposed to sell it at a premium. I have a few bidders for this watch now u know????"
*grrrrrrrrr -_- @#*%&)$*&%*$@)%@*)$. Dun be so LCLY can or not???*

then one a beautiful lucky afternoon,
B: "U are very lucky Cherry coz I have been hiding it inside the safe."
"He he he, yes coz the watch is waiting for me to buy it."
with its signature Calatrava cross on the buckle

Actually this is a men's watch,
but I can't stand the ladies version,
coz it's too small -_-
and it's a quartz watch -_- x 2
Never in my life I would ever buy a quartz watch again.

Merry christmas to myself first...
thank u baby.
I shall re-wrap it and put it under the christmas tree come 25th Dec.

Patek Philippe
Aquanaut 5165 A
38mm, Stainless steel with 18k white gold 12 hours marker,
Retailing at SGD 21,000, RM 55,400


Anonymous said...

and i had to show brian(sincere)doc's text message to convince him that the watch was that price....hehehe hahahah

the real JS.

CHER-RY said...

Real JS: Shhhh remember...we are not supposed to disclose that. :)

Anonymous said...

that's why i never mentioned the price....and also i did not mention doc's name!!!

hehehe hahaha :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Wei, you 2 ar.. don't whisper whisper in public, can????? That is a beauitful PP, I remember my best friend drooling over it many years ago (I think she was drooling over the women's version). You are SO LUCKY!

CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: heheheheh we didn't whisper ler...:P