Monday, November 17, 2008

Regional Meeting...erm..Regional Makan

Regional Meetings have never been fun
with more work and work and the amount of stress can choke me to death
more so for this year....of all the beautiful countries in Asia,
they chose Malaysia.

Now I know what good did our Minister of Tourism promoted
with the never ending Malaysia Truly Asia TVC in Switzerland.
trust me....if u ever wanna go to all the places promoted in that TVC,
u'll need 6 months in Msia.

I was soooooo hoping India would be chosen,
so we can all jump up the elephant and go to Taj Mahal.
this particular word did not exist last week!!!!
anyway our meeting package came with all the sweet things,
just tick wat u wanna eat/drink before the meeting starts,

well knowing US ladies.........
we just tick the last box = a lil bit of everything
it came in a pretty glassware
and we just poured the whole thing into our GIGANTIC totes.
they even have Chupa Chups
guess who was the happiest of the lot????
the one who had hot chocolate with marshmallows and cocoa powder....
Baby Wei, can I measure how wide is your tummy???
selection of mineral water....
I think some of them took them home for "bottle collection" too.
this was my favourite - chiffon mini cupcakes!!!!
I guess our tummies worked harder than us last week
with all the never ending food..
"Wat??? coffee break again?? We just had lunch :(((("
just as the above sentence ended, I was seen popping food into my mouth again.
2nd day was "grey" themed.

Thanks a lot team...
u all did a great job and everyone was so happy
they've decided to come again...very soon.
*oh no!!! oh no!!! no no no no!!!*


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