Monday, November 17, 2008

Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot Fall Winter 2008/2009

I first saw this bag at someone's blog...
then a few weeks popped out in front of my face
when Tracie showed me her latest indulgence...

"U want??? I can get it at a very good price!!!."
then last nite, when JS came to picked me up for dinner...

JS: "I got u something!!!!!"

*hugs clutch bag 1st, then hugs JS."

it's the clutch bag I wanted in nero silk
exactly the same one that Tracie bought...
in satin with leather trimmings.
just the nice size to store my stuffs. :))))))))

hey Tracie, need your help...
can u like flash more nice stuffs at me in front of JS?

and thanks to Beautiful CS,
coz JS was meant to check the price of your Tiffany charm bracelet,
instead he went next door....:P

Thank u baby,
I really like it a lot...

Bottega Veneta
Nero Silk Faille Stretch Knot
SGD 2,350 (duty free)

hmmm now I don't have anything in my list to buy at the moment when we are in Athens next month.

Anyone wanna tag into my quota, only one bag per person plssss.
Maximum dimension = 12" x 9"

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