Thursday, November 06, 2008

Italian on Sixth

Why SIX?
I shall post this question to Chef Ron next time.

Chef Ron: " have u been...haven't seen u in a while."
Monkey: "erm.......*this is my 2nd time in 3 weeks*....hahahaha."

He must been exhausted and could not put dates and faces into places.
Tasmanian oysters au naturel, the way I like it
and Chef recommended baked oysters and insisted we try it.
anyway we still prefer au naturel...since they were so fresh.
Don't spoil it.
Scallop with bacon and balsamic vinaigrette
yes REAL bacon not beef bacon nor turkey bacon.
JS ordered off the menu's seafood linguine alio olio
Chef Ron's style = tonnes of cili padi innit!!!!
spells = JS's favourite -_-
I had pork rib with grilled tomato and pepper sauce
hehehhehehe .......apa lagi....since they were serving pork...
heheheheheh hahahahhahahahah
"Made in Heaven"
Chef Ron: "Let me surprise you for dessert."

Made in Heaven was basically GIANT strawberries + bananas dipped in Belgian chocolates,
tossed in roasted pine nuts and almonds...
served with good quality extra virgin olive oil
and lastly Chef added his personal touch with a torch of flame on the table.

This place is simple and tasty
not obnoxious
but still ppl stayed out coz I guess the deco it's too intimidating
it spells fine dining
but it's not!!
it's just casual dining with a bar.

Italian on Sixth
Level 6.12, Level 6,
Pavilion KL,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2144 2992
cockage = RM 80 for wines, RM 150 for champagnes


Bry™ said...

when u gonna bring me there.

CHER-RY said...

Bry: I tot Ronnie Q first???

Anonymous said...

Nice comment on Italian on Sixth..the food is cool !.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry, becoz it is located at Sixth floor! thanks for your compliments and i wish to see you back soon! I will surprise you! :p
Chef Ron

CHER-RY said...

Life Continues: Thank u for dropping by there!!! :))

Chef Ron: We'll be back of coz :)))

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