Friday, November 21, 2008

In celebration of Fiona & King

Fiona & King just came back fr Seoul....
and I can't wait to see their wedding pics.
of them dressed in full traditional Korean costumes,
with all the ceremonies and traditions.

"Nice bottle!!! Open it and celebrate when u have your first kid!!!
Fiona: "I got fined at the customs for bringing the wines in."

"Oh. Then I better save this bottle till forever."
I had to remind myself ALL THE TIME.

:( but they were so delicious~~~~
FAILED big time
and Jason the Maitre d was so willing to refill the plate.
we started off with an excellent white fr France
nose was of sweet winter melon
I LIKE!!!!
I no likey lamb anymore
Fiona didn't like it either.

i just hope this weekend for Chef's table
they ran out of lamb
so they dun have to serve lamb to me
or maybe i can just pass it on to JS

Off topic:
Now I do miss Prince C's presence,
for he will consume all my food
and whatever I pass over to him.
he is now tengah shiok-ing holidaying in Melbourne till next year.
Fiona had nicoise salad
Nicoise salad hails fr Nice, France

the above was Chef Takashi's interpretation
so pretty and yummy
instead of using HARD boiled egg,
he used runny egg yolk
that did the trick of binding everything together when u break that lil gem.
cold consomme with seafood medley and a generous dollop of caviar
underneath u find all the treasures
sweet prawns, sea urchin, abalone.

what else did I miss?
coz JS consumed everything before I can say "let's eat!!"
I had the fedellini with abalone and alaskan crab
my favourite~~~~
Monkey & Fiona

The only Korean words I know was KAMSAHAMIDA!!!
or maybe Bulgogi, bibimbap, shoju~~~~ :P

lucky Fiona speaks perfect english for she spent most of her years in Gold Coast.
I am trying to psycho her to move to KL.
hmmm she seems hesitatant for there's no Korean community in KL except Ampang.

"U can dress me up like a Korean gal."
Fiona: "-_-"
for the 1st time in our dining history........
JS abandoned the wine he brought,
and chosed to buy fr the restaurant.
hmmmm........*the world has changed*

but I must say the wine collection in Sage is pretty decent
at very good prices.

with corkage of RM 50
unlike some Lafite-place-who-is-no-longer-lafite-coz-the-chef-left
who charges RM 170
-_- yeah I know, bring good wines there for that price.
Imagine we usually bring 3 bottles for dinner of 4
and my corkages is already RM 510++
Open food: lamb pasta for Mr. Pasta
trust me, he can have pasta every single day
and only consume good brands like rustechela

wei kenot get in msia....can eat with care or not?
anyway Si Fu is touching down this evening with stocks
stocks = pasta
haiiiii men.
Fiona & King had seared Hokkaido scallop with prawns
they said it's really really good esp the scallop.
Jason Maitre D recommended Muscovy duck with foie gras
*I tell u, this is the BEST-est place to go to for Foie gras*

the confit of the duck leg was juicy and tender
without the gamey smell nor taste
and the my my my.....
oh myyyy....I am still tantalised over its texture as I'm blogging now.
King and JS
King is indeed a very special name...
so how do I address u sir?
Dr King? Dato Dr King? hai...
I think I'll just stick to King,
pardon my informality.

that makes Fiona a datin now...
welcome to the clan!!!!
*jeng jeng jeng*
almond blancmanger with mango and passionfruit
extremely good
lurve it!!

oh yea I lost the most important fact,
with effect 2 nites ago.
roasted apple with vanilla ice cream
Chef Takashi has changed to another variety of jap apple
from Fuji apple to..........I forgot the name.
anyway it has got good texture, crunchy!!

and I like the way he-sliced-it-without-dismantling-the-apple-and-still-looked-like-an-apple,
supposed it requires some skills + kung fu *haaiiiiiiyaaak!!!*
by doin this, it actually cook faster and all the flava were fully absorbed.
chocolate boudin was my favourite...
it's like a chocolate custard sausage
intepretation of heaven is on that plate!!!!

I can't wait!!!
this saturday we are goin again with Si Fu!!!!

Fiona, lemme know your honeymoon destination,
but since u have traveled around the globe,
there's no where u have yet to been except India and Egypt.

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar,
Level 6, The Gardens Residence,
Lingkara Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328

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