Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Overseas Restaurant with Aussie Gang

Poor JS tried hard to reach me via my mobile,
but it was on silent mode...
and notti monkey was snoozing away on her comfy bed.

Sleeping is my expertise, that's wat I do best.
He couldn't tahan and drove all the way home
to wake me up for I will miss a very important appointment.
with Si Fu Lawrence tagging behind.
*pai seh pai seh*extra spicy dried chili condiments..
was Si Fu Lawrence's fav.
We started the lunch with 3 different roast meat
of roasted pork, char siew and roasted duck

erm more like breakfast for me.
Look at the char siew....
look again...analyse its fat to meat ratio.
Can u see it??? there's only a line of meat and the rest are fat.
super yum rite??? hehehehehehe.

when it was finished, Si Fu whispered to me:
*he had to whisper coz Mr. health conscious JS who sat beside me will truly object*

Si Fu Lawrence: "Let's top up the char siew and siew yuk."
"*grinning like a lil gal*...........hehehehehehe yes pls!!"

later Si Fu came back to the VIP room with a sulky face
Si Fu Lawrence: "FINISHED!! they ran out of char siew."

Monkey :"( it's only 1.00pm
JS: "BAHAHAHAHA Doc must have been here just now."
*coz Doc usually ta pau char siew back to Spore by the kilos*
Giant grouper soup!!! very yummy
this is the bone fr the giant grouper
with all its gelatin...oh yum my favourite
after snapping a pic it got passed to JS.
fav food is for your fav ppl :)))))))))
vegetarian galore in good fermented beancurd sauce
homemade toufu
u must try their toufu here...seriously awesome beyond description
claypot pork belly with salted fish
still smoking hot
the texture of the thinly sliced pork belly was so good
can u believe it??? It was crunchy and caramelised
*smacking lips*
I forgot wat fish was this
I'm never good in identifying fish

to me,
a fish is yummy smooth white meat with fins and a yummier head with lotsa bones.
caramelised huge big head prawns in special sweet salty sauce
2nd helping...hehehehehehehe
*where's the cholesterol pill??*
Si Fu Lawrence's dearie mommy punya makan list in Malaysia....
and more!!!
even the dessert list was so looOOOOOoooooooooong
and more were added to the list

Auntie ar? your stomach made fr wat???
well they can't get all these in Melbourne...

Now I know why u gained so much of weight whe she was staying with u in Spore.
Tracie? wat bout u???
Si Fu Lawrence bought the chili flakes..
it cost RM 35 per tub.
my coconut pudding
I lurve to share my food with loved ones,
and shoved a spoonful to Si Fu..and another to JS.

before I dig in with my own spoon..........
Si Fu Lawrence: "Is it supposed to taste like tat?"
JS: "I think it's OFF."

yeah it was slightly off, on its way fermenting to become toddy.
so alwiz alwiz....share your food with your loved ones.
hiak hiak hiak hiak.
All of us with Si Fu Lawrence's dearie Mommy and his uncles and aunty.
Glad u all enjoyed the food in Malaysia...
I had a great time too.
*and my tummy(mies) too*
**someone said I'm like a cow with 4 stomachs**

Overseas Restaurant
84-88 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2148 7567

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