Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hokkien Mee galore!!!

"Si Fu, U want fine dining or hawker's food?"
Si Fu Lawrence: "Gimme FUNKY food."

erm, define funky....
my kinda funky is, ......erm..fashionable?

I think his funky is tantalize his tastebud with unexpected flava and texture.
and so we ended up at Kuchai Lama.
deep fried pork stew with fermented beancurd sauce
every table there seems to have this weird platter
fried glass noddle with bittergourd
hehehehehe look at the crushed crispy pork lard on top.
this was my favourite, fish head curry.
extremely tasty...must be the curry powder? spices?
suan pan zi.....made from yam
I called it "chinese gnocchis"

So the question is, did the chinese brought the gnocchis to Italy
or the Italian brought it over to China?

well there's alwiz east meets west of
pasta vs noodles
ravioli vs wantans
gnocchis vs suan pan zi
risotto vs braised rice

JS told me it was the Arabs who introduced these to them.
ARABs????? They dun even consume pasta and noodles???
but HOW? WHY? WHEN???

JS recommended me to read Gavin Menzies 1434, the next book after 1421
*monkey scratch head*
1434 was the year the magnificent chinese fleet sailed to Italy.
ooOOoooooo anyway lemme read 1st and I'll decide WHO brought pasta or the noodle to the WHO?
we also settled for spinach soup which was laced with beautiful decoration of crispy pork lard
hehehehehehehehe :)))))))))))))))

Tracie was doin her might to dig em out fr almost every dish.
well Sporeans are really health concious..

we msians are still holding our teh tarik and chomping on nasi lemak while yelping
"wat health??"
*hmmm talking bout myself*
Hokkien mee.
it wasn't fantastic that day...
maybe it was too wet?

Nevertheless I still enjoyed the pork lard :P
*ok enuff of this b4 Tracie gonna faint hearing this*
JS, Si Fu Lawrence, Tracie
Read bout my previous post bout this place *here*

reminded that the best hokkien mee is no longer this place

wei...Joo, when is our hokkien mee outing?
Actually nasi kandar also i dun mind. :)

after saying the above, I was just curious over the comparison
of sporeans' life span vs msians.
hmmmmm.....interesting to find out.

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