Monday, September 15, 2008

Rachelle "chut mun" - Part 2

Rachelle's garden was full of these!!! :)))))
the Heng Tais arrived all the way fr Malacca
and sat themselves chomping on breakfast~~~~~
*slaps forehead*

Winnie the Ketua No. 1 gave them 5 mins to eat.
*Amy the Guan was Ketua No. 2*
and got them to lined up
all looking smart in crisp white shirt with gold ties.
passed the bouquet to ji mui and may the games begin~~~~
First, pass 30 cards in 2 minutes using the lips~~~~
oh no!!! don't drop the cards!!!! don't KISS!!!!!
however there are a few who enjoyed KISSING
passionately especially....oh poor guy~~~~~
yep, slowly pass it on
anyway they failed big time
with Winnie Ketua No. 1 ringing the bells.
Winnie: "Now choose 3 more heng tais"
Yeo: "you, you and YOU!!!!"
"apalar....why did u choose me???"
"Does it come in sizes??? I don't think it fits me."
"lemme shake em to test it"
shake-a-bon-bon, shake-a-bon-bon
those who were not chosen got their stylish hair re-styled!!!!
"U sure u know wat u are doin??? Parting my hair sideway like this???"
"sob sob...GO HOME LAR GO HOME!!! I refused to be touched!!!"
"MY HAIR!!!! How can the ji muis do this to my HAIR!!!!!"
"do u have any idea how much time I spent this morning to get this look???"
"Go back go back!!! Go back to malacca!!!"

Come on guys, don't chicken out.
and they had to wear these too!!!!
He looked sad and disgruntled
said the guys: "Oh NO!!!!"
Come on, smile for the cameras!!!!
while they were smiling, I was luffing!!!
Ketua No. 1: "Now watch me and dance to the music.....the CHICKEN DANCE."
the chicken dance!!!
shake it more...MORe....MOREEEEEE
Oh yeah!!! they are sexay aren't they??
followed by the rest
noticed the parted-in-the-middle-nerd hairstyle???
so FLAT!!!!
3 litres of COKE there....drink it!!! drink em FAST!!!!!!!!!
this was an easy task actually.
who's sexy hairy leg was that???
dip your feet into a bucket of ice and retrieve the KEY to the door!!!
there's only 3 chances with 5 keys in it..

well...the thing is...all are dummy just do your best guys.
and to show their "heng tai-ness" they actually tried very hard.
and the 1st key flew out!!!!
they had their 3 chances....but all of us knew the outcome anyway.
now it's Ho-Chiak time!!!!
"wat is this? what is this?"
sniff sniff sniff sniff
GAH!!! the smell of durian + chilies + vanilla ice cream.....erm overnite.
Look at the expression!!!! -_- excatly like this -_-
Ba Ha Ha Ha
Teo hates durian but he's smacking his lips.
eat eat eat
cheating!!! they pushed aside all the garlic!!!!
do pumping!!! 20 times...
very easy~~~~
then there's a MARRIAGE CONTRACT
"I, YTS, will LOVE LSL forever.
Will do all all the housework for her."

*at this time Rachelle's aunty passed by: "wahhhh..good good good."*

"Her money is her money. My money is her money."

Heng tais: "Aiya don't sign lar!!!!"
"I will alwiz listen to her. When she say STAND. I cannot SIT."

"My fishing trip will not exceed twice a week."
at this juncture one of the heng tai almost wanted to strangle the groom.

"Whenever I go out, I will be back by 12 am, else I will have Durian for supper."

"Every morning I must wake up earlier than my wife."

"Must massage my wife before we sleep."

Signed: YTS
faster sign lar!!!!!
faster get Ang Pows!!!!
Rachelle was waiting patiently in her room
Rachelle: "Hey u stinks!!"
Yeo: "Now u know how u smelled like after eating durian."
almost all ji muis,
very difficult to get everyone...
coz all the bumble bees and big birds seemed to be flying around everywhere.
not the full group.
GAH!!! how come the ji muis can't stick at one place together???
then we drove all the way down to Malacca,
in a convoy of heng tais and ji muis
Rachelle has got 2 flower gals waiting for her
yummy sweet looking cupcakes!!!
Photographer shot me driving ferociously on the highway
I don't have the pic yet.

Guess I had enuff pic of me driving like a mad woman.

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