Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rachelle's Wedding Reception @ Equatorial

Almost all the ji muis
missing a few....
When will I ever get a full pic of all of u gals????

Sorry ladies,
this is the most perfect pic I have in my camera
though Amy the Guan *ketua No.2* closed her eyes
well u closed your eyes in all the shots
I've checked!!!!
macam miss pageant
and we were blocking the stairways
with all the uncles and aunties waiting for us to finish cam-whoring
well as usual the boyfriends + husbands = cameraman
dinner started with cocktail
but it was a short one or we came late izzit?
coz 80% of the guests were already inside the ballroom.
SMei, Alex, PC aka Hazel, SHui, Monkey, Winnie *Ketua No. 1*
me and Kindy Chai
I missed a pic with Kindy Sheryl,
she was a busy busy busy bridesmaid.

Bunked into their room that afternoon
and walked down memory lane of us in Montessori
that was way way way way long time ago.
PC aka Hazel whom I knew since Primary 1
I am so glad that all of us are still in a group
and very much in touch.
our table (s) !!!!
with best fren YM
I still owe u a dinner
let's make time for it ok?
Back row: Mitch, YM, Kindy Chai, Monkey
Front: CLian, SLing, SMei
Back: Amy the Guan, Mitch, YM, Kindy Chai, SHui, Monkey, PC, Winnie, CFun, Alex
Front: CLian, SLing, SMei, CTeng

is this the full pic yet???????
missing anyone?????
where is DIANA????
cute lil flower gals in their sweet lolly dresses
i see that lil boy there is wearing ADIDAS shoes!!!
my fav sports brand. :)))))))
Rachelle & Yeo
her face spells it all
happiest day of her life
we were serenaded by a live band the whole nite.
the first dance
just like a princess in fairytale
but this ain't no fairytale
I couldn't get any nicer shots,
other pics have to wait for the paparazzi photogs
I lurve her next dress!!!!
crazily in lurve with this pink dress which is soooooooo

Yes I know they only designed beautiful lingerie and not dresses
with their one and only boutique in Paris.
Making a toast!!!

followed by a beautiful speech by Yeo
I was so mesmerised that I've forgotten to snap pics...

I love you for your thoughfulness
and your smiles,
your laughter and your love for hawkers' food
I love you for who you are,
and for making me the perfect man.
*erm something like that, damn long I can't remember*
Hazel & Alfred
He couldn't recognise me coz I chopped off my hair
erm that was a year ago mate.

PC!!!! send me all the pics taken with Alfred's Nikon ok!!!!
Eddie aka Uncle Lim & me
Eddie was my classmate back in Uni dayzzzzZZzzz,
and also one of the Heng Tais
where we used to hang out makan-ing and makan-ing
every single day.

Good to bump into u again
Pls keep in touch. :)))

Congratulations to SLeng aka Rachelle and Mr. YTS
All of us are assured u have the right man.
Remember the contract yea....
framed it!!! it's still in your room @ Green Street Homes.


Anonymous said...

yc!!! i wasn't in the pageant photo... huhuhu...
hehe btw, u gals looked great in that pict...

amyguan said...

i was sleeping most the time

CHER-RY said...

YM: exactly!!! I was asking for u and no one knows where were u until I saw u at the registration. -_-

Amy: U must be super tired and sleep walked the whole nite. Do u recall anything fr the nite?