Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mee Mee's "chut mun" journey - Part 2

The Bridal car was ready to go....and so were WE!!!
nope, Monkey not driving the bridal car.
Monkey in her Monkey Beamer.
Monkey & Nee Lee
since we had to wait for the rest to get into their cars,
we took opportunity to cam-whored.
and more!!!
yes I was driving crossing the junction if u noticed.

according to Nee Lee, the camera is more appealing than the roads.
yes I drove safely OK!!!
Mission Impossible IV
the jovial cameraman stuck his head out to snap pics
this is more dangerous I think.

hey Nee Lee, we should have done that!!!
with u sticking your head out!!!!
and be one of the paparazzis.
Midway near to Teofu's house,
there was some buddhist procession and we had to stop and made way for them.
again we took opportunity to!!!!
when we were at Teofu's home,
we were soooooo well behaved beyond words.

Look!!! the parents did a schedule of wat to do at wat time and person in charge.

It was sooooooo organized.
Teofu's family!!!!
We made this OK!!!
after the tea ceremony, we can't go anywhere
coz Mee Mee gave both of us an impossible task
flowers arrangement!!!

Nee Lee: "This is so difficult. I have no experience on this!!!"
Monkey: "I have experience. Only on the receiving part, not making them!!!"
after putting the candles it looked better.
and 2 hand bouquets for the mom and mother in law.

Mee Mee,
next time dun ask us to do ok....it was a disaster
we were so afraid of your mother-in-law....
important bouquets for your mom and MIL should be done at the florist
not amateurs like us.

it took us 1.5hours...

I almost had to dial for the nearest florist to kau thim the flowers.
mini cakes to kill our hunger after all the flowers arrangements.
and chinese "9 layers" cakes.

no...no pics of us consuming the above,
too hungry liao.

wait for the 3rd part ya!!!


neil said...

Nee Lee gladly leaves the sticking-head-out-of-window-of-moving-car-to-take-photo to the pro! :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Well at least we know this can be done. We can even used it during Shell Shell's wedding.

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