Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st Shopping spree of the month

I got this 3 hours ago,
for Her Royal Highness
it also comes with a small purse
only at RM 2,020

I've never like Burberry
though I have a trench coat as white as rabbit.
*don't ask me why*

well u must be wondering,
how could I give out a gift which I don't adore....
but seriously this Fall/Winter coll....
they are quite eye catchy though!!
and erm....yes I know some BABY by the name of WEI
is soooo gonna kill me coz I got the above too...

only 2 pieces in Malaysia...
and erm...yes I took the last piece.

YSL Y-Mail clutch
retails at Rm 1395
I got the one in satin not as the pic above

anyway it's not for me
but for someone whose b-day is coming up.
JS chose this over the Prada wallet....
Good choice though coz both of us are sharing on this lil gift.
well there are other bags still available at the boutique
go check it out!!!!
and now.....
something to pamper myself!!!!
Bottega Veneta Satin Clutch!!!!!!
Aren't they pretty?

erm calm down,
I have yet to purchase it
coz I lurve all the colors and...
yes u got it....I want ALL!!!!!
after much ding-dong,
it's either one of the above....

the satin pink one is soooo pretty too!!!!

*pulls hair*


licheng said...

oh man, they are all such lovely pieces. the set of YSL's i like!
boarding in 45min..the lounge is sooo super one seems to be traveling..though it's sunday..hehe

Anonymous said...

O_o the keychain.. now I want the keychain.. -.- why do you have to temp me?? get the black one btw.. it will never go wrong with black plus is your fav colour.. :) :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yup one of the best collection b4 mr. YSL passed away. Hey see u soon next month. I am so excited!!!

Baby Wei: Who tempt who to walk into YSL the other day?????? Bottega will have to come next month. Not this month...PK dy. :(