Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant

You are warned first, kay.
This is gonna be a disappointment.
The Smokehouse was built in 1939
hence the english english feel.
Even the dining area is so colonial
with rose motifs on the napkins.
normal mass butter
yes we can tell the difference
moreover Prince C is a french butter follower.
yeah tell me wat is this?
that I have to pay RM 24 for!!!!
baked mushroom in herbs with cheese
their salad is really basic...
I think I can do better,
grab whatever that's available in my fridge and chop and slice
and TA-DA !!!!
my french onion soup which turned out to be...........
haizzzzzzzzzzz T_T
beef stock that taste like bovril + sauteed onions.
I Ching played it safe and have chicken chop
I was like chicken chop?????
and Mr. JS ordered fish and chip.

Are we really in The Smokehouse???????
I had beef with yorkshire pudding
which throw at ppl can die!!!!!
I took one bite of the beef and left it standing the whole nite.

Yes mommy said don't waste food,
but if u call the above FOOD.
wasted lar our wines...
see wat we brought!!!!!!
*cry cry cry*
KRUG 1990!!!!!!!
aiyo super wasted with a lousy dinner.
and Morey St Dennis....
sob sob sob sob
we ordered some other side which were not in the menu - sauteed onions
baked potatoes
My dessert was an apple pie
look how miserable it was!!!!

I was so miserable I wanted to eat satay babi after that!!!!
*Cry cry cry*

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