Thursday, September 04, 2008

Poor Beamer :"(

I was cruising down Heritage Row,
after a yummylicious dinner.

The cabbie in front was also cruising
He stopped his car near the end of the road,
I stopped.

All of the sudden,
there weren't any reverse lights on his car!!!!!

I was dumbfounded.
JS who was beside me and who also happens to have more synapses in his body
which allow him to react faster than this senile Monkey
pressed the HORN continuously.

The even senile and dumb and worse, deaf cabbie continued to reverse.

I sat there glamorously behind the wheel waiting for it to happen,
with 50 odd customers dining and drinking al fresco staring at the about-to-happen-DRAMA,
they will be my witnesses later.

I super sayang my beamer OK???

You @#*%&@)#$*%!#^$!#%^

steamed came out
not from my bonet
but fr my head!!!

JS sensing this kept me behind the wheels,
for he's afraid I will be the main actress in the DRAMA,
whacking the Cabbie with my 4.5 inches "Devil-wears-Prada" heel
*Mr. Joo described my heels this way*
HMPH :((((

JS got down and with his -_-
calm-tai-koh-but-I-wanna-murder-u look

the poor and confused and deaf cabbie then pleaded for his life.
JS has yet to say anything.
Cabbie continued to plead
*I'm serious here!!!!*

I may be GANAS but I don't look GANAS Ok
so now Mr. JS u know why u are the most feared person in your organisation???

but thank u for being such a gentleman and let the poor soul go.
Car has already damaged,
I treasure my reputation more.

So u won't find any pics of me whacking anyone in today's mag nor dailies.

*back to mourn for my Beamer ....sob sob...*

1 comment:

neil said...

you could had "accidentally" trod on his toes with your 4.5" heels...

*hugs poor bee ree*