Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Third Floor, Marriott

I had an event @ Third Floor 2 months ago,
I also had a bad experience at the same place a few years ago...
so much so that I dare not even touch the food during my food tasting.

then I read bout it at Mad Rants' blog
and thought...let's not be so narrow minded
give it another try.

after all Chef Ken Hoh was fr Cilantro
and worked under the wings of Tetsuya before.
his signature truffle butter...
but it's not as creamy and as smooth as Cilantro's
*sorry folks, there will be tonnes of comparison with Cilantro here*
coz Cilantro used truffle oil as well in its butter.
we started the dinner off with Dom Perignon 99
JS didn't wanna take the risk by bringing a super good champagne like KRUG.
but 99 ain't cheap either...
Complimentary fr Chef...
cheese tart.
JS had cured hiramasa with citrus and beetroot salad which was good
RM 42
but nothing can beat MY confit of salmon topped with konbu
it's a chef's signature
anyway this is not on the menu....

the portion was just right
RM 78
seared foie gras with caramelised peach and mint
RM 88

well fr the pic u now know why I do not trust on others
with my camera...
ppl who dun cam-whore can't take good pics..
that's my findings.
hiak hiak hiak.

verdict on the above foie gras???
nobody can beat Chef Takashi in town....
JS had lobster tossed with linguini, chilly pepper and extra virgin olive oil
RM 168

the men said it's very good...
just that too much of lobster and too lil pasta,
erm...do u know that the chef was so generous that nite OK???
this is wat happens when u have customers who are CARBO/Gluttons.
I had a big mistake...
or Third Floor made a huge mistake
pan seared beef fillet topped with foie gras and red wine sauce.
RM 138

I specifically instructed that I WANT MEDIUM
came out............
super well done DONE

I had jaw pain chewing on my beef that nite
which I only took 2 bites anyway and left it standing on my plate again.

Ariff the sweet restaurant manager apologised profusely...
well JS said my GARANG LOOKS can kill
which indeed I did on that nite...
all the waiters stayed 10 feet away fr me.

but dear Ariff,
but u still got my Raya card didn't u???
Prince C brought a premier grand cru class...
Chateau Margaux has really sweet after taste wines,

however I don't fancy bordeaux...
I only had a glass.
the men were still at their puberty years,
need more food to grow up hence they ordered a wagyu
which according to them was fantastic.
Waguy sirloin with cognac & truffle sauce.
RM 188
highlight of the evenin was DESSERTSSSSSS
see!!! I really don't trust other ppl with my camera esp on FOOD.
anyway the above was fresh mango with champagne sabayon
RM 38
which was so good I'm gonna get JS to do this at home.
another favourite was baked banana & cheese wrapped in filo pastry
RM 26
crispy on the outside..
creamy and sweet on the inside.
this one was a weird combo
lime & ginger creme brulee
RM 26
biscotti and caneles and chocolates..
overall I will give it 3.5 stars outta 5.
or just maybe...maybe we didn't order the right dishes..
should I give Third Floor another try again?

and sweet Ariff waived my corkage..
well just maybe when u have something special
I'll come back.

Third Floor,
JW Marriott Hotel,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2141 3363

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Anonymous said...

i find the place a bit too dark......and not enough "warmth".

the real JS.

CHER-RY said...

JS: Can't see wat we were eating right?