Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Watch Association Dinner

I didn't know the watch industry has an association.
-_- and I've been a slave to this industry for 21 months.

so last Friday the whole industry was celebrating its 54th anniversary,
that's even older than Malaysia!!!!
I have a superb number on my ticket,
but that doesn't mean I won anything from its lucky draw.
only a few items were interesting and I have my eyes on MontBlanc's jewelries.
Well it's a watch association dinner so all the gifts = watches, jewelries, pens, and more watches.
Baby Wei & Monkey
Dinner was loud and boring coz it's just loud and boring.
with scums & slims of the industry.

Baby Wei: *pouting* "I missed Avril Lavigne bcoz of this."
Monkey: "U should have missed this instead!!!"
Me & Saliva Gal Magg
Every association has its own President,
and Monkey was just curious and asked da boss

"So this current President, when is his term ending?"
Da Boss: *Gleaming with smiles* "This year is his last!!!"

"And u ppl gonna vote a new one?"

"Can u pls NOT be a PRESIDENT????"
Da Boss: -_- "Why?"

"I don't want more work added to my already mountainous work, that's why!!!!"
Da Boss: "Hahahahahah I promised I won't give u more work."

-_- Means u are goin for the presidency!!! DAMN IT!!!

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