Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yoddleing at the mountains

I Ching & Me in her chicken coop
weather was so lovely in Cameron Highlands,
yep I know u guys are envious coz it has been raining like chicken shit
almost everyday in KL with the stupid jam yada yada yada.
while the men went to tortured themselves at the golf course,
we ladies went galavanting the highlands in a chicken coop,
from Bukit Raja to Tanah Rata to Brinchang.
Guess we've been to every corner of it.
I Ching was just driving aimlessly around the highlands.

I Ching: "Don't worry. We won't get lost. This place is too small."
and she drove me around.
we drove up to this old Convent school.
passed some land slides
across the valleys and hills of tea leaves plantation
with Monkey screaming uuukkk aaaakkks
the famous Smoke House
we went there to make reservation for dinner
and strawberries + scones but we were still full fr breakfast.
I couldn't lift it up to put my head in.....so...
all these pics can con ppl that we were in overseas with the lovely weather.
Lantern flowers!!!
dunno wat flowers!!! but they were so pretty.
My hands were so itchy that I had to touch every single pretty thing I saw there.
the gardener was watching me with this look -_-
we should go up more often!!!
in I Ching's chicken coop coz it's an open top chicken coop.
While the men went in their fierce sexay spanking new Audi....

"Why 2 cars?"
Prince C: "So u don't have to bother us for transport when u ladies are up there!!!!"

"2 cars???? isn't that ridiculous???"
Prince C: "-_- just go in my wife's chicken coop lar!!!"


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