Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vegetables GALORE

we got back our flirt mobile and went vegetables shopping,
yes u didn't read it wrong..
it's VEGETABLES shopping!!!!
sweet corn!!! super sweet can die.
fresh carrots!!! it looked so juicy!!
I don't like cauliflowers
biggest yam I've ever seen
Super huge cabbage and it's only RM 10!!!
malay lady who speaks chinese: "Buy buy buy, only ten ringgit. U buy I give u another cabbage free!!!"

WTF!!! U think I'm KFC outlet making coleslaw izzit?
they have cactus too!!
select any 10 packs for RM 10!!!!


if only shoe shopping is this fun!!!
I was having a difficult time choosing ten packs of vege for RM 10

this I want, that I want but I kenot finish
and most of all, the fridge at home can't accommodate.
sweet potato fritters,
only One ringgit!!!!!
and it's so sweet........
gimme more!!!
and we had a vegetable steamboat galore,
with prawns, abalone, beef and fish.
it's not even lunch....

JS: "steamboat for afternoon tea? U ppl are mad."

with a bottle of Dom Perignon.
three of us didn't think so...
the Makan King and Makan Queens.
hiak hiak hiak


neil said...

the cabbage really IS BIGGER than your head!!! gosh... I am craving for all those fresh veggies now :"(

Anonymous said...

frankly i really dunno how PC has such bug capacity stomach!!!

the real JS >:-(

Anonymous said...

i meant bug=BIG

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: it's only veggies. Not Oh Jien

Anonymous: Real JS?

Anonymous said...

yes, the real JS as at the real mc coy!!!

CHER-RY said...

self proclaimed Real JS: I know u -_-