Monday, September 15, 2008

Rachelle "chut mun" - Part 1

Rachelle being made up pretty pretty for her big day
most of us arrived by 8-ish
cept those who slept late and forgotten bout their alarm clock.
SLing & CTeng got busy in the kitchen
preparing breakfast for the "heng tais"
the smell was enuff to get me out.
french baguette + kaya + tonnes of GARLIC
they actually wanted to add WASABI
but it ran out of stock
*heng tais, u guys are damn lucky ok*
and then I saw this!!!
"Wat is this SLing???"
SLing: "OH, u missed the briefing last nite.....there u it."
GOSH, this was not the itinerary of the day
it was ONLY the itinerary of the "RAGGING the Heng Tais"
reading it alone already made me feel so tortured!!!!!
SLing even brought this cute "ting-ting" timer
someone will time the Heng Tais.
Alex, SMei, CFun, YM, SLing, CTeng, SHui

yep YELLOW was the colour
and DIGI-016-I will follow u is sooooo gotta pay us royalties that day!!!!
some final touch up to the bride
Jewelries by TSL
Rachelle & Me!!!
She was soooooo lovely and beautiful!!!!!!
Mommy and Daddy putting on her veil
best friend YM and Monkey
Looks like u got taller dear!!!
Monkey, unofficial Ketua no.1 Winnie, CFun
SHui & Me
Sheryl the brides maid - hence her special dress, SLing, CTeng, unofficial Ketua no. 1 Winnie, SMei
Mitch who came back all the way fr Sydney & Monkey
close up with YM
almost all of us....
of bumble bees and big birds
hey we were a flock of pretty pretty HAWT bumble bees + big birds OK!!!!!
James & Mitch
Mitch: "Oh honey!!! U are on our side!!!!!!"

yes James was in his bumble bee shirt too
I missed pic of Bill *Amy the Guan's hubby*

coz he came in "yellower"

Bill was also on our side!!!!
way to go mate.


amyguan said...

cos i was busy making coffee and poking fun at other ppl. didnt stick to bill for the entire morning. poor baby

CHER-RY said...

Amy the Guan: Poor Bill :(. But nvm he got mat salleh to teman that day. :)