Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New vainity bla bla bla

First it was a pair of ADIDAS shoe
which I bought in Spore..
this spanking beautiful pair which melted my heart the moment I saw it was launched 1st Sept in UK and it's available in KL now!!!!!!!!!'s not available in red for the ladies -_-
tell me which sane straight men golfers in Msia would buy RED???
retailing at RM 888
next I saw this sitting at BOSS boutique in Takashimaya
JS stopped me fr buying..
it was only SGD 299

JS: "It will get dirty very fast."

:(((((( *pouts*
but it's soooo pretttyyyy
as my swing got better,
JS surprised me by getting me a new 5 wood
so eppy eppy eppy!!!!
and how thoughtful of him to get me a bimbotic pink coloured 5 wood
Retails at RM 1090
with pink srews and all!!!!
spells very very bimbotic

but I didn't disappoint him but practiced harder.
I'm trying to get the distance I wanted.
Will try to pile on more protein and muscles.
*Bry, if u are reading this, I need your help*
JS also bought us a funky state of the art putting mat
yes it matters whether it's state of the art or not.
and a baby blue Tourstage putter!!!
yayayyayay tq tq tq tq tq tq tq
retailing at RM 699
I lurve my new PUTTER with baby blue screws!!!!!

Now I am all equipped,
sudah ada gaya PRO.
tapi pukul macam troll

Looking for more nice adidas apparels
but most of them are not available in Msia.

then why on earth do u advertise and put the posters here and there
when u dun have the STOCKS!!!!!

anyway for more merchandises:

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