Tuesday, September 09, 2008

From KL to Cyprus with Love :)

Both Veeny and Dinos were craving for mooncakes,
U can't get any mooncakes there in Cyprus.

So since Cousin Jessie works for "We Live to DELIVER"
This Monkey has the privilege to send anything to anywhere
*except bombs, nuclear weapons, WMD*
got them some yummylicious mooncakes from Ritz Carlton
and some mixture from Overseas restaurant as well.
green tea, XO supreme nuts, lotus paste, ginkgo, black sesame, red bean, durian, and I forgot wat.
all packed nicely by Cousin Jessie.
*she showed me her office last week and it was HUGE*

yep we had to use the 10kg box,
along with the mooncakes were chinese tea leaves,
and jeng jeng jeng CHINESE PAPER LANTERNS together with its colorful mini candles.

see u can send anything as long as it's not WMD *weapon of mass descruction*

Candles only destruct lanterns.
Dinos had been tracking this ever important precious parcel with its tracking number online.
and it arrived Limassol Cyprus this morning at Fedex's office near to the zoo.

Dinos: "My mooncakes are not animals' food. Why do u send it there????"

the ever reliable courrier company "We Live to Deliver" then sent it to his doorstep.
and Dinos received it with gleaming smiles *I am sure*

they are gonna have mooncake party tonight.
*hey it's not fullmoon yet*

Enjoy yourselves and don't burn all the lanterns ya!!!!

also thanks to Sweet Cousin Jessie who helped me declared the super confusing documents, commercial invoice, declaration bla bla bla
I'll buy u more japanese dinner yea...hehehehe.

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