Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yohji Yamamoto

yes I know!!!
GF is not supposed to buy BF shoes
coz he will run away
and vice versa

but I can't remember how many pairs of shoes JS got me

so to kill the jinx the receiver has to pay the giver a token amount of money
JS was squealing like Monkey-when-she-saw-her-IT-shoes

when he saw Yohji Yamamoto's collection at Athina's boutique.
Yes it's funky and sporty
price point was on the high side
for a pair of shoes manufactured by ADIDAS
Y-3 is one of his lines
apart from others designed for Hermes and Mikimoto

Sir Elton John even dedicated a concert to him

sorry lar, before this I dun even know who the heck is he.
I now pronounced that Mr. JS, is a huge fan of Mr. Yamamoto
he bought another pair in Hong Kong
and almost bought another one at M Store.
and influenced Prince C to part $$$$$ and bought 2 more pairs.

well that's another long story which I'll blog about in the near future..
now I know how I looked like when I go to shoes or bags store.
-_- I have a good example here.

"wei, your one pair of shoes I can get a bag ok!!!!"
JS: "your one pair of TOD's I can also get many other things ok"
his Yamamoto and my TODS Ferrari
so now we are equal

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