Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dinner at Christina

Monkey & Saint Veeny in her Comme des Garcons

it was only the 2nd nite and we got invited over to Christina's home for a lovely dinner,
her home was at Mafia Hill

we can actually walk over,
but since it was so cold and windy.....we drove.
JS the lone ranger seated at the hall.....
coz the rest were too busy walking looking around the beautiful home
and Monkey busy snapping pics
It was soooooo cold but I walked out to snap pic of her swimming pool
caviar on ice
Monkey no eat pate
selection of crackers and bread for pate + caviar
the dining table was beautifully laid out....
Barbara was already seated there.
she's of German descendant
my favourite col of the moment
so beautiful!!!!!
Mr. JS we buy these for our home yea?
Christiana lurves to entertain
so cute!!!! this was on top of our napkins
JS got the angel!!!
Monkey snatched it away..

"IT"S MINE!!!!!"

JS: "okie lor, u like lor."
everyone lookin their best :)))))))
she even took the effort to decorate her candle holders
1st course was the carrot soup!!!
super yum!!!!
mixed greens
extremely crispy chips
my first tartar in my life

reminded me of Mr. Bean
but I didn't hide em in someone's pants or a woman's handbag or under the plates.

Monkey just informed host that she dun like tartar
and had my portion slashed into half.
mixed grain bread
Barbara made orange crepes served with grand marnier sauce
as usual Monkey wants ICE CREAM on top!!!!
Saint Veeny made a fantastic fruit salad with pomegrenate innit
everyone having a great time + good luffs
then when the clock almost strike midnite..
monkey wants to zzzZZZZzzzzzzz
to keep myself awake, this was wat I did..
clipping my horns to Dinos the Great
Dinos the Great: "Monkey.....when u are done let me know ok??"

I tot he didn't know.
look!!! I switched the angel back to me!!!
JS switched it back to his place card
there's LED lights on it.

can someone tell me where to get these cute clips?

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