Friday, February 06, 2009

Gate of Athens

I don't know if u even call this place Gate of Athens
but it used to be the entrance to the City of Athens
must be a few thousand years old
from there u can see Acropolis
lemme zoom a bit
Acropolis looked so beautiful and perfect from here
it's like looking into a postcard!!!!
there were symmetry columns near the entrance
and almost collapsing
I had to tilt my head this way to look up
wondered how did they construct this high structure
Acropolis fr here
the sky was soooo gloomy
a few pillars feel fr earthquakes over the century
when I grow up I wanna be Cleopatra
Dinos the Great said he wanna be a happy GUMMY bear
Mr. JS wanna be superman
u are super enuff dy....
the view of this whole place fr Acropolis itself
nice huh?

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