Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lou Hei @ Noble Banquet

at the 11th hour, Noble House called to relocate our reservation to Noble Banquet
Banquet? but I thought u ppl only open it for weddings?

and the 1st guest to arrive was
*drum roll pls*

I saw her standing at the entrance in her fitting HAWT dress
am so proud of u for being early despite your hectic schedule
:))))))))) muaks!!!!
Sweet Devil Rachel & Hot Babe Shen

someone who was working in Starhill took 40 minutes to arrive
u jalan kaki ker?
Beautiful CS & So Hilt Sharon
I ought to buy both of u a GPRS reader installed on the car

So Hilt Sharon was playing with her lost&found-camera-fr-LCCT's-trolley
lucky u woman!!!
u are not that tanned dun worry
Hawt Mama Thevi with Stuart Lil
we were expecting Baby Aiden to come along!!!
prawn and salmon yee sang
it was a total mess when it comes to lou hei
Stuart Lil, Macho Mani, Sweet Devil Rachel
prosperous wishes when u lou
more MONEY!!!!
and someone was yelling more SEX!!!
Hot Babe Shen.....tsk tsk...u were deprived izzit?
Beautiful CS definitely wishing for ......more MONEY & MEN
yeah me also wishing u will get a husband this year!!!
but we can't ask for more husband rite?
braised shark's fin soup with crabroe
lotsa crabmeat and it was Stuart Lil's favourite
BBQ Suckling pig
extremely good and crispy
Macho Mani's pressie to Sweet Devil Rachel
to show her how much he adores her
quick!! go and say thank u to mimi.
steamed Patin with black bean
woooo black bean was Beautiful CS's favourite..
really yea? heeeheeee heeeee
So Hilt Sharon & Hot Mama Thevi
guess who asked for a bowl of rice to go with the black bean
black bean black bean black bean~~~~~~~

when 2 persons are so in lurrrveeeee
eye contacts *highlights: electrifying eye contacts!!!*
were inenvitable >>>>>>>
Sweet Devil Rachel to Macho Mani: "miiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~"
deep fried house beancurd & stir fried assorted vegetable with cuttle fish
cuttle fish????
does that mean sotong goreng??
does that mean chow yau yu?????
eat eat eat
steamed rice with wax meat
by this time, I've already stopped eating...
my stomach gonna explode!!!
Stuart Lil says he's still hungry
any resemblance???
and we were just high on chinese tea
I don't wanna imagine when alcos are on the table
Hot Mama Thevi, Beautiful CS, So Hilt Sharon
Sweet Devil Rachel, Hot Babe Shen, Notti Monkey
steamed pumpkin buns
chilled honeydew with Sago
JS, Stuart Lil, Macho Mani
group pix!!!
we made so much of noise
as though we "pau" the whole Banquet

well that's the notorious quality in us
nyek nyek nyek....

Noble Banquet
235 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2145 8822

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