Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Malaysia Open 2009, Saujana

last week was the biggest Open in Malaysia
hosted by Maybank and Malaysia Golf Association.

biggest attraction got to be Anthony Kim - World no.11
when I reached, Blyth was leading
there were so many other sponsors
last year's timepieces was Titoni *scratch head*
this year is Audermars Piguet.......hmm more like it.

no mobile phone,
no High Heels *luff out loud*
no camera
silence pls
My yummy nasi lemak breakfast with additional fried egg
need energy to walk right?
the above cost bout RM 8 at the Clubhouse.
Later JS & Monkey went to say hi to Ben & NC at the driving range
it was a hawt hawt hawt SUNDAY.
then we started walking with Anthony Kim,
from hole 10 onwards

this pic taken at hole 12
the crowd was massive with more than 10,000 ppl
walking together with the pros plus their girlfriends and wives.
Monkey was walking alone in her Callaway umbrella + 100 plus

some stranger: "Hi, you came with which pro?"
Monkey: ??????

some stranger: "I mean you are which pro's girlfriend?"
*pointing to JS who was a few metre away*
Monkey: "I came with him. He he he he he."
my pro Lim JS whom also won the Pro-am
dunno which pros walking down hole 17
so hot!!! I was looking for a place to hide
2x winner, Thongchai Jaidee
later we were invited by Datuk RL who was the newly elected President of MGA
to the MGA marquee
I was thanking him for giving me a shelther away fr the hot sun
aaAAAAaaa sheltered inside with air-cond and food and drinks
Maybank and AP's marquee
Anthony Kim at the hole 18 bunker
Anthony in action
he didn't win...but made the cut at the very last minute
we sat so near...can almost touch them :))

"Anthony!!! BALL BALL plsss"
"Anthony....I want your gloves.."
"Anthony gimme your cap!!!"

then out of nowhere a laydee screamed at the top of her voice:

the crowd went silent.
nope that was not me.
sorry to dissappoint u.
hot hot hot!!! very hot...
the weather not me
quench your thirst with Carlsberg
*glug glug glug*

well now waiting for Datuk RL to announce the next venue for 2010's open.
results coming out on March 12th


Tsu Lin + + said...

LOL! Cherry, you look like a WAG (Wife & Girlfriend - of sports people)! Not bad not bad, compliment lor...

Your "PRO" certainly looks the part-la...

CHER-RY said...

TL: Wakakaka maybe when I go to toilet I looked like them...

but my PRO certainly looked a PRO on the skin colour part only. WAKAKAKAKA

S-kee said...

wahhh cherry is so proud of JS. what is Pro-AM?

CHER-RY said...

Mee MEe: Pro = professional. Am = Amateur.

Pro-Am open was a tournament held among Professional players + amateur players. Usually 1 pro + 3 amateurs in one flight. :P