Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lunch by the Aegean Sea

Isn't the view AMAZING????

Melvin sent me a msg at FB recommending me to visit Aegean Sea

Dinos the Great: "Where do u wanna go today Monkey?"

hiak hiak hiak hiak

Dinos the Great: "That's quite far...but nvm...nothing is impossible for my Monkey."

and so we took a train down the other side of Athens.
by the time we arrived it was late noon
and our stomachs were playing symphony no. 5
the bass and the percussions came fr HIS tummy
my BABY COKE!!!!
deep fried cheese ball!!!
wahhhaaaaaaa my favourite!!!!
grilled fresh octupus in herbs and olive oil
deep fried sardines
extremely fresh!!!
there's yummy pickled jalapenos in the aragula salad
cucumber & yogurt with kalamata olives
and I must have my red meat!!!
*everyone shaking their heads*
yes I'm a CARNIVOR, beware!!
Happy satisfied Dinos the Great
writing postcards for loved ones
I didn't realise Dinos the Great took so many shots of monkey
JS & Monkey at the beach which was just 3 steps fr our table
very nice huh?
thank u Dinos the Great for bringing us to the Aegean Sea
thank u for asking around for directions
thank u for deciphering the maps
thank u for bringing us to this place for yummy lunch.

hey ppl in Athens & Cyprus,
if u are reading this....I missed u ppl HEAPS!!!

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