Friday, February 20, 2009

Mafia Hills, Cyprus

when we were in Athens...we stayed at Aristocrat Hill
at Cyprus, we were hosted by the biggest Mafia in Mafia Hill

I'm serious, we stayed on this Hill full of MAFIAS
Russian Mafias I must say
so the real name of this place shall remain anonymous
to protect my ass.
on certain beautiful evening,
me and JS will take the 8km walk from the town back home to Mafia Hill

when the weather is cool and crisp u won't feel the distance
so as we past those houses...cameras were eye-ing us
HUGE dogs were barking at us ready to tear my head off.
Mafia Hill is dominated by Russians
everyone speaks russians or Greek Russians here
homes have huge satellite dish
ready to transmit/receive gawd knows wat
some homes were so contemporary beautiful,
some were modern aspirational
while some were just orthodox
this one is still new....
all houses here faces the Mediterranean ocean.
this huge house is really ugly
according to JS......must be the head of Mafias.

I was busy snapping pic when JS yanked me away
"can't u see the camera??? u snap pic of his home...he already identified your face from his intelligent camera. If u wanna last till end of this holiday......let's walk on."
some homes have Mclaren
some have custom made 2 door Bentley
this house was just next door where we stayed
beautiful huh? and HUGE
but it had been abandoned for the past 10 years!!!
10 freaking years?!?!?!!?

u know why??? coz the Mafia was killed and nobody wants to claim ownership of the house
how can a house left for that long be this beautiful!!!

"Dinos...why dun u go in and help yourself with all the things inside?"
"I was late....someone else already did."

kua kua kua
the swimming pool is now a pond
wat a waste...
then we came home to the King of Mafia's home
the missus just got home fr work
and us fr walking 8km
Saint Veeny: "U guys walked home?!?!?! I've never walked home fr the town before."
well wat to do...we need to burn those fat after those HUGE meals...
Thank u to the Head of Mafia aka Dinos the Great
for hosting us at your Mafia home in Mafia Hill.

Maybe next time u should install retina identification to gain entry to your home
coz I almost climbed in the other day when we didn't have the keys.
and Brandy didn't bark nor tear my head off
coz he lurves me
oh I miss Brandy...

Dinos if u are reading this...
pls give Brandy a kiss on his forehead

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