Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lou Hei @ New Paris

Lu Ai: "Dinner at Paris!!!"
"Where is it?"

since I know head nor tail of this place
Monkey tagged into Calvin's wheelie together with lovey dovey wife
to get to NEW PARIS.
Yee Sang is only available during CNY
mixture of erm...
actually wat do they put inside?
usual fish used are salmon
but nowadays they have other items like pear, abalone, soft shell crab etc
when u start to lou hei it can get messy
with chopsticks poking and attacking each other...
the higher u lou the more luck u have..
Chili sauce at New Paris was really good!!
homemade toufu with pickled vege and minced meat
stir fried potato leaves with garlic
kam heong la la
irresistible asam fish head
the famous champagne chicken
served with watermelon balls
Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne
Mommy Carol, Notti Monkey, Lu Ai Chan
*I dun have pic of Susan coz she was late :P*
later....we head over to another place for dessert
had mango sago sai mai lou
so much of MANGO!!!!!
was this lychee or honeydew sai mai lou???

New Paris Restaurant
62, 64, 66 Jalan SS2/72,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603 7955 9180

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