Monday, February 16, 2009

Malaysia Tatler's CNY Dinner

Tatler Sue sent the invites 2 weeks before CNY,
of coz everyone locked their calendar and attended....
*1st come 1st serve mar*
well cept my boss
Sexay Back's pouch
as usual, all the pat pohs gathered on the same table.
:P heeeeeeeeee

Mare: "Cherry!!! u sit with meeeeee......table 9 ya"

Tatler Sue: "U come and sit with me ok!!! table 11."

Ms. I-Lurve-HK Cerina: "aiyoooo....No NO NO....u are my client..u sit with me!!!! table 8 OK?"
*pointing to her table*

Monkey O_O
aiya......mana mana lar
as long I can eat and bitch the whole nite.
Tai Koh SK & Tatler Sue
in the end, we landed our asses on this table.
this was the 5 happiness combo of hors d'oeuvre
u just sit and let the waiter put your food on your individual plate
we no likey -_- coz kenot "kiap" our own food
shark fins with sun dried scallop and crab meat
if u noticed....Monkey alwiz have her shark fins with pickled green cilies and vinegar
roasted chicken was yummy
Sweet Devil Rachel's favourite!!!
I think maybe bcoz of the papadam on top that's why u like this dish so much.
crispy prawns with butter and curry leaves
steamed red garoupa
bcoz the waiter served us
each of us couldn't get our fav part
"I want the cheek"
"I want the belly"
I want the fins"

In the end we had to tell him we will help ourselves..
but STILL!!!!
guess he didn't understand english, bahasa nor manglish.
*slaps forehead*
after that I didn't bother to snap pic anymore...
Sexay Back filling up the complaint form
"Service too ka-kacau....we have no freedom to eat....leave us alone....we didn't have privacy"
Monkey, Sweet Devil Rachel, Tai Koh SK, ML Joanne, Sexay Back

theme was Luxuriously RED
guess someone's RED was in his underpants.
Sexay Back lived it up to her name with her back oh-so-sexay!!!
*I should have snap a pic of tat*
Sexay Back's shocked face after receiving some news
yeah...really shocking..
Sweet Devil Rachel spilled the news while I was driving us to Renaissance
this monkey almost skidded the car unto Jalan Ampang.

"WTF???? Is that TRUE?"

Sweet Devil Rachel: "YESSS it came from a very reliable source!!!"
U damn can lar..
your astro so efficient and effective
thanks for sharing that piece of news
make sure I'm not driving in the future if u wanna tell me anything shocking.

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