Friday, February 27, 2009

Saint Veeny cooking~~~

Mathematician Costa & Saint Veeny

Expect a feast of yummy food whenever Saint Veeny is cooking
there's nothing like a simple meal
just dun trust her when she says
"oh just some salad and simple food"
as usual, Marcelina set the dining table
I wanna wear the napkin!!!
it's cold Brandy had a nice warm spot near the dining table
with his comfy smellie towel!!!
actually it's not smellie coz they changed it everyday.
wei, even my towel, I dun change it everyday ok?
Mathematician Costa, Dinos the Great, Jean's hubby, Couchie George, Jean
grilled pepper with sweet tomatoes and anchovies inside
drizzled with good olive oil
Align Left
I didn't let a single drop of olive oil escaped my plate!!!!
greens with balsamic vinegar
grilled beef with field mushrooms
had this cab saug fr Coonawarra
as usual, I picked the french one over the Aussie
somehow Cypriots still prefer Aussie wines
grilled crispy potatoes
super yummy that I had so many!!!
as u can see fr my plate, I am very greedy!!!
Men's dessert time -cigars
Ladies' desserts time - chocolates
french chocos
hmmmm truffles
then there's another REAL dessert time - fruits salad
Saint Veeny & Mathematician Costa
more wines for me!!!!!
Monkey & JS
pressie time hehehehehehe
Saint Veeny got this handmade beautiful mosaic bowl fr Jean
so beautiful!!! Lurve the colours
Jean also gave Brandy a bone!!!!!
beautiful angels candle holder
I like it coz they were holding shopping bags!!!
so the ME
Jean really knows how to buy pressies
JS showing off his pressie
my ever ready & mischievious look!!!
Rudolph card by Couchie George
He calls me "LIL" all the time
Couchie George: "Where's my LIL!!!"
scented candles fr Jean
and I got truckloads of Alessi products to bring home!!!
thank u folks!!!!
table full of pressies
wat's from hermes?
Couchie George got Saint Veeny ash trays fr Hermes
when u are tipsy & drunk....wat do u do???
wrap your loved ones with ribbons fr the opened pressies
hehehehe u are my pressie now!!!
thank u for all the pressies Jean!!!
GAH!!!! I didn't get anything for her!!!!
thank u to the Mister & Missus Mafias for cooking and hosting
and also for selecting the best ingredients in town!!!