Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Greek Market

kinda forgotten the name of this market
but it's alwiz a must to visit a foreign market whenever/wherever u travel to.
I like to experience the surreal sounds, lights, smells, colours
noise and more noise!!!!!

just that this round I don't understand a word those vendors were screaming
prollie..."SALE SALE SALE" or "BUY HERE"
just maybe "2 for 1"
oranges, clementines were bountiful
clementines = mandarin orange = kaam = seedless tangerine
definitely sweeter, juicier, yummier than those fr China.

and u won't get those "heat cough" despite consuming cartons of it.
I must say we consumed a truckload in Athens + Cyprus.
it's difficult to choose when there's so many to choose fr!!!
and even more difficult to read when it's in GREEK
Greeks lurve cheeses
and fresh ones....as soft as "tau foo fah"
some were salty
some were spicy
there's a variety of soft cheese.

I don't remember
goin to a foreign country and not visiting their market(s).

pointing back the finger inwards...
errm, the only market I've visited in KL is Imbi Market

well better than Mr. JS who doesn't even visit PASAR MALAM.
I am looking for "kaki" to go to pasar malam to eat asam laksa + ai yee pink

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