Monday, February 16, 2009

Lou Sang @ Cheong Wah

I didn't have any difficulty looking for this place,
coz as Monkey was driving in Puchong...
saw this familiar Teofu face driving,
I hand-signaled him and gave way
he still didn't know it was me.

So notti Monkey tagged along this Teofu car and went to the destination.
hahahah smart rite?
Mee Mee was sick and still managed this sweet smile
thanks to unlimited supply of tangerines & cold drinks
I supposed the viral had been goin around.
Shell Shell & Ah Fai came later
This Nee Lee very smart, didn't send me her pics from her camera,

u see Monkey's camera only managed to snap food pic but not ppl
coz the battery died-ed very soon.
we ordered half portion coz there were only 5 of us
Lou Lou Lou
fresh la la in imperial soup
abalone & broccoli
sweet potato leaves
deep fried homemade toufu
this was our favourite
squid fried with salted egg yolk
full can die face..

again Nee Lee didn't send me her full-can-die-face pic
and Shell Shell's and Ah Fai.

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