Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Vintage BEAR

on a lazy Saturday morning...
I woke up to the above view..........

"Oh BEAR!!! wat u doin on top of the bed???"
JS: "Yeah I heard him climbing up last nite....so noisy."

Monkey -_-"
"U put my BEAR up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
my poor BEAR which is as old as me!!
I got it when I was a BABY.
so it's a VINTAGE BEAR.
By the way it was actually a DOG.
but I still prefer to call it BEAR.
poor BEAR, your place is on the bed...
never on the headboard ok?
Mr. JS pls dun put my Vintage BEAR up there anymore ok??

PS: this morning my Vintage BEAR, my Paddington Bear and my BFF Monkey was lumped together below my neck. MR. JS!!!! HMPH!!!!!

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