Monday, December 31, 2012


it's the last day of 2012 and I am so eager today
I do not know how to begin nor sum up the last 366 days but below were the best that I can remember :)))))

Best tapas has to be *Catalunya* in Singapore, yup u don't have to go as far as Spain to enjoy it. And since we are in the topic of Spain, the best hotel I've stayed in was in Seville - Hotel Alfonso XIII. Yet to find time to upload pics and blog about this amazing hotel but if u have the time to bla bla...u can check out their website *here*

My best Xmas pressie so far which I got a month earlier from a BMW 528 M Sports :)))) Nope I have yet to find a name for's a HIM not her...and I also bid farewell to Ms. Alpine. Since this lazy bum has yet to post about her new car nor my farewell to Ms. Alpine....u may *click here* to read about the first introduction to Ms. Alpine 3 years ago.

our best new appliance at home is JS's new Sous Vide Machine -_-" which he happens to be using tonite to prepare our New Year's Eve dinner. All about it *here*

year 2012 was also the time I realised I need to stay fit and healthy...engaged a personal fitness trainer...and when my trainer was injured *nope nothing to do with me, I didn't harm him*...JS replaced him and trained me his style, which was urghhhh *click here to read*. I also did hiking for the first time in KL at *Bukit Gasing*

I am not a breakfast person, but after discussion and talks with trainer, I need to learn to have breakfast...and my best breakfast was.....hold your breathe :))) *Meirerei* at Vienna

the most unconventional and creative museum I've visited was *MUMOK* in Vienna. Highly recommended :)))) while the most creative cuisine I had was prepared by none other than Chef Andre Chiang at *Andre*...swoooooonnn~~~~

My best Walk and Exploration was done in Budahills with JS *here* It is also in this beautiful city of Budapest that I had my most humblest visit to a *Synagogue* that made me cried in sorrow.

Best meal and dinner was at La Tour D'Argent in Paris where I happened to have the best wine ever....a bottle of Cros Parantoux 1987 by Henri Jayer :))))) yes yes yes I will blog about this soon.

and now that 2012 is ending soon and we are ALL still alive and kicking...u must have wondered wat's my resolution eh? resolution this time around, coz I'll never stick to it and it changes over the months but if u are still craving for more to read...this was my *2012 resolution* which I did achieved at that moment but failed to maintain...I owned 48 pairs of extra shoes this year alone >.<

Thank you for all your support my dear readers
I wish you a great year ahead and toast to good health alwiz :)))
Happy New Year !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you & JS! Cheers....2013 will gonna be a better year!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy New Year to You & JS!!

Wishing You Both Lots of Love, Happiness & Health... :)

CHER-RY said...

Happy New Year Ladies!!!!!! :))))