Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world

The big question...of the End of the World
What are you gonna do?
u can be rest assured I'll be drinking......coz I do that all the time
well not necessary the above bottle *that's a daily drink if my pocket permits*
could be something even more rare

or indulging my new found love - cheeses :)))))
of soft and hard aged cheese fr France, accompanied by all the yummy condiments

I guess to me the big question isn't about the end of the world and wat are u gonna do before/during/about's about living your life with purpose and meaning each and everyday

even if you could live up to a thousand years being a useless bugger, serving no purpose to the society, mother nature etc except contributing to the pollution....then u are really equivalent to garbage(sssss)

okie Whatever God u believe in....just stay happy, be well, be kind, learn to care and make everyday counts
I'm gonna seize my day n achieve my goals but now where's my coffee? hmmm...
dum dee dom~~~~

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