Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Car Magazine unveiled

it sure difficult to get back to working mode after the vacation, my calendar was fully booked from all sorts of launches and VIP events in town. Seems that every company/brand lurves to execute a major launch towards the end of the year, esp that festive season is just around the corner.

So before my jetlag bid bye bye, I found myself at another event in town.
yes...if u are wondering, as age catches up....I DO get jetlag esp when travelling from west to east.
Soon I found myself driving my Xmas pressie *JS got me a xmas pressie 1 month early :))))* to an exclusive resort hotel for this magazine launch.

Car magazine finally launched its first edition in Malaysia, a much anticipated magazine among the motorworld readers out there. I arrived late....extremely late....like an hour battling the KL traffic. But it seems everyone was there and I was wondering, these ppl must be coming fr PJ coz it's impossible to make it in an hour time.

I was right. Steeping down fr my beloved new car *which I have yet to name HIM* I saw Sexay Back tottering towards me....with such glee and delight :)))))))))))))
SK, Sexay Back Maggie and Fab sticking out his tongue

This laydee is now preparing for her big day looking radiant as ever
loved her mega watts smile

Soon the magazine was unveiled with the team behind this magazine and who's who in the industry.
*I call them the car boys....BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, Jaguar, dealers alike etc*

Car magazine originates from UK with a history spanning more than 50 years. Astro Publication will now have another exciting magazine under its belt :)))))))))))

A few supercars were on display but my attention was captured by 2 extremely priceless vintage cars. As I marched closer........B who works for the magazine held my hands and took me to the side and whispered close, "don't point......just look and then walk away"

to my extreme horror I saw 2 huge dents on both cars
it must be my face, sorry I couldn't hide it.....coz the owner realized that I realized it, he started walking towards me...one hand in pocket and the other holding a cigar.

It was too late...B was tugging and tried to pull me away. I stood there frozen unable to move.
the gentleman who own these mighty vintage cars started and opened his mouth.....I felt his pain...deep.

"It's not so much about the dent u know...it's more of the paint work...u see it's a special yada yada yada yada."

imagine u loan out your precious and priceless belongings for an exhibition/event and it was damaged during setup by a huge wooden plank that fell on it. I hope the organiser DO have insurance for this. This reminded myself that shit happens esp during setup for events....I've been through that done that, think I had enough now.

Ad and Monkey who has got another event to attend the same evening.
Ad: "Are u coming later to the black tie dinner?"
Monkey: "Spare me, I am limiting one event a day now.....too old and too jet lagged."

Car Magazine is a premium motoring magazine and now all fellow Malaysians will have another mags to read .....esp on insights and scoops.
You may now get your copies of Car Magazine from your fav newsstands
:)))))))))))))) mine are already on my table....hehehehehehe


Chasing Food Dreams said...

so nice to receive early pressie... :)

I really like your new look...very chic chic!

CHER-RY said...

Thanks babe :)) I lurve it too...low maintenance kekekeke.