Friday, December 07, 2012


Cumieres sits in the district of Epernay under the administration of Ay
so it's a really really really tiny town? village?
I don't even know how do u refer to it
with a population of 845 ppl, u go figure it out
There's alwiz reasons that made it worth stopping by any town or village, no matter how small or big they are. This applies back in Malaysia too, doesn't matter how big how small how far deep the name of GOOD FOOD, we'll drive there. Even if it means crossing among the trespassing cows, chickens, jungles, uphill etc.

So on a beautiful autumn day, we drove through miles and miles and mountains of vineyards to our destination - artisanal champagnes :))))
the slope that faced the SUN
with River Marne at the bottom that stretches 514km. River Marne runs through Champagne from East of France and finally joining the famous Seine River near Paris.

with such a beautiful sight of the river and the vineyard, we had to stop our car by the shoulder of the road and snap some pics. Doesn't matter even if u want to park your car on the road, coz there's no cars at all!!!! it was as though the world has come to a stand still with no cars, no human....nothing!!!! If u are looking for a rest area to grab a bite, stop and relax aka Rest Area here.

so JS was bz clicking his shutters while Monkey

to JS's horror
JS: "Monkey!!! STOP!!!!!!!"
Monkey halted and almost sank her teeth into those sweet juicy grapes that received sufficient SUN on the slope

JS: "We are trespassing someone's property don't even think about it!!!!"
Monkey: "but....but....I'm hungry~~~~~ we've been driving miles and miles and there isn't any rest area!!!!" *whine whine whine whine whine*

JS: "almost there....will feed u with champagnes later."
yes I'm gonna be fed with champagnes later....not just any champagnes but artisanal bioloque and biodynamique ones :))))

spot me!!!! so tiny compared to the vines and there were bundles and bundles of grapes left out there
yeah for the birds :P
those left out there are rejected grapes bcoz it did not meet the standard and quality.

JS lectured me that I should leave food for the birds and nature
okie lor.....
finally he said...."Life is short ok. If u gonna pile on calories, make sure it's worth it."

Hungry Monkey with Gay & Merry JS
he's so happy to be so close with his passion - winemaking

yup very well said
So think of all the calories u gonna put inside ur body before u pop any junk into ur mouth
easy to put in but difficult to get rid of

Well I hope u'll have a great weekend there...
I m gonna catch my flight soon, just for the short weekend to meet my pals
and yes to pile on GOOD and WORTHY calories into my body

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