Monday, December 17, 2012

Repetto, Paris

I've finally have it :))))) the famous ballerina flats
Repetto was incepted in 1947 by Rose Repetto with the world's first store at Rue de la Paix.....just down the street from our hotel, one cannot pass it everyday without walking in
tee hee hee

especially when Rue de la Paix leads to Place Vendome :))))
hence pocket alwiz koyak whenever passing by this place. Dangerous to live here but JS said it's so strategic so we'll stay here in the future :))))

the famous Cendrillon shoes created in 1957 for Brigitte Bardot which she wore in the famous movie et dieu crea la femme
Repetto makes shoes for all the world's prima ballerinas, so how not to own one when I aspired to be a ballerina *sheepish smile*
I walked in and went crazy at the basic collection
mind u these were only basic ones....bcoz there's more prettier shoes!!!

Red seems to be the famous color esp in patent leather
bcoz the very first pair of Cendrillon in 1957 was created in this color

they have collaborated with big names like Karl Lagerfeld, Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake but I wasn't looking for those....
my first pair of Repetto must be the classic ones :)))))))))))

I chose a pair in color named Mouse Grey :)))))))) one of its latest color
lurve it!!!
coz I haven't have any shoes in this beautiful color...

very comfortable and fits perfectly as every pair of shoes were made by hands using the stitch and return method, something of a backstitch embroidery :)))

such craftmanship makes u hunger for more
with so many colors to choose from, one must have a pair in each pantone color :P
as Monkey was about to pay $$$ she say another pair in denim!!!!
this would be so perfect for casual outing!!!!
oh my oh my I must have it
*JS rolled his eyes*
since it's limited edition, the price was slightly higher than a normal pair of Cendrillon
soon the cashier machine ka-ching for the price of 2 pairs of cendrillon :P

oh oh oh I need to get outta there b4 I start picking up another pair and yes I did...I saw another one in beautiful suede material
*JS who was holding numerous shopping bags threw me that look*
okie shopping is over....2 pairs and that's final.

Prices start from Euro 175 a pair
for more information log onto:


Chasing Food Dreams said...

wow.. we cannot never ever have too many shoes.... lol... my favorite would have to be the baby blue.... :D

licheng said...

ohhhhh how pretty these are? wished I could have them in many colors!

neil said...

Very pretty, Bee Ree. Mouse Grey is a great choice!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies :)))) they are very comfortable too. Now I very sayang to bring them out into the streets :P

Loose said...

The last pair.. it is so, so nice!!! Why didn't you buy it too...? =P

CHER-RY said...

heheeh Loose, there will alwiz be another time :) If my pocket was deep enuff, I'll want in each pantone color :))

Anonymous said...

rivka alice

Ballerinat said...

Lovely ballet flats, beautifully 👠❤️