Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Final Grand Slam dinner at J&J, Singapore

It was a very important dinner...
the Final Grand Slam
so everything must be the bigger, the most expensive, the rarest, the most special, the spiciest, the most yummiest

Yup I've never had 2 bottles of La Grand Dame in one night with so many bottles of KRUG champagnes with all the special vintages. Trust me, I was hanging around the "minum" table for more yummy pour. Tee Hee Hee~~~

Roast porkie is a must with champagnes
even gweilos agreed hahahahahahaha
we were halfway chomping on these before more were unveiled....

a different version - Gourmet Roast Pork
with its thin crispy skin and lining of fat and meat

the Guests aka Piranhas were fast
nom nom nom nom nom

J&J Jelina made this yummy awesome prawn noodle
she boiled everything form scratch
sorry, there isn't any noodles in my bowl coz I didn't wanna pile on the carbos. We were aiming for a 7pm to 5am partay kinda thing...

so instead of carbo/noodles, I piled on homemade crispy pork lard by J&J Jelina. Just like pop corn only yummier and more sinful. I supposed by piling on more greens innit makes me less guilty. But it isn't the same. You are what u Monkey pls avoid anymore sinful food for the next one month.

*suddenly mind went to last nite's sinful white truffle dinner at Cilantro.....-_-......failed*

She also made fish head curry!!!!!
everything gone so fast and the crowd were still arriving, filling up the front yard with ferocious cars.

*oh by the way, the police came around wasn't a huge partay, just 25 odd adults but guess it must be the neighbours' farewell pressie to J&J*
**anyway no one fell into the pool, or drain - unlike his neighbour who fell and had to be removed by special forces a few months ago...:P**

super awesome char kuey teow
Si Fu Lawrence was late bcoz he had to fulfill his duty and attended another event, rushed here in his smart shirt....dashed into the kitchen and started cooking....non-stop till midnite.
upon seeing him....the ladies gasped and said: "Now the REAL food is here"

I don't really know what do u call these
but it's succulent and juicy. Not everyone has the skill to consume it...hahahahaha

Baby lobsters
the heads were gone fast....I still think we should have took a few and made pasta instead
there were a few other clams and mollusc dishes that I forgot to snap pic

Baba Brain came with his cockles sambal
I was shouting among the crowd: "Where the nasi lemak????"
fresh juicy and spicy yo!!!!

Baba Brain's mom makes great otak-otak as well but since he's the one cooking, we didn't see any on that nite.

Ayam Buah Keluak
I can't remember if this was chicken or pork but usually it's chicken
a very very peranakan dish cooked by Baba Brain
*I can't even confirm if he's peranakan*
so u see Food and Wines unite ppl of different culture, personalities and interest.

Hokkien Mee was so good, Si Fu Lawrence did a few encore
then JS also fried a few other dishes - which I didn't get to eat coz I was too bz drinking away, GOE made pork chop and who else cooked??? I really cannot remember much...blame it on the alcos.
there were really really a lot of other dishes and only managed to snap these few only.

I think by 9pm the M People were happy and merry to be fed with all the rare wines, champagnes and excellent food!!!!

J&J James bought one whole suckling pig and look how they molested this bugger?
it was cut into pieces and re-fried again.

We had a few diff types of desserts as well....but I didn't snap any pics
I guess looking at the amount of food.....we can feed one village :P

This wasn't the final count...coz I left early by 1.00am
poor JS...way past his bedtime :P

and no pics of the guests....for privacy purpose
all didn't wanna be featured here -_-"
coz we have distinguished lawyers, top notch bankers, traders, movers and shakers of their own industry, celebrity photographer and errrrrrr a very round and full Monkey :D

my last shot before I tipsily walked out, bid farewell to the house and left
it was our last visit and partay at J&J's coz they sold the house
I m definitely gonna miss all the pool partay, makan and minum like there's no tmrw, hanging out and chilling here.

so my last shot of our Bottega Veneta having their own lil partay
Monkey's one is the Campana bag in the latest Krim color :)))

Thank you M People
till the next partay to do a House Warming for J&J
enjoy your vacation wherever u are heading to, be safe and travel well
Eat and drink well too.....hehehehehehe *hic*

Read about our last partay *here*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

among all the dishes I spied, I wan the Prawn mee.... lol.... oo and the alchohols of course! ;)

CHER-RY said...

Clever gal, the homemade prawn mee was kick-ass!!!!