Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cookout at J&J, Singapore

We alwiz enjoyed cookout session at J&J's home
coz it will mean the men will cook while the ladies will yak yak yak yak yak yak
well maybe except J&J Jelina who has turned out to be one of a great cook with hidden talent
I guess when u don't try u'll never know right?

cookout session also means alcohols :P
not just any alcos but rare fine wines and champagnes
so who doesn't want to be me when I get to sit here and be fed with amazing yummy home cooked food with alcos
I just need to sit by the pool with my ciggie :P
lazy fart I am
J&J Jelina has also gone into gardening
here she's planting some evil devil super spicy Naga Jolokia chilis I think
she's really turning into one helluva much loved Martha Stewart

from a career woman who doesn't cook to such an amazing great cook, host and she has got a great palate for wines too. And also penchant for fine jewelries....wuahahahahah. I like!!!!!
JS if u wanna blame my jewelries purchase....pls...*quickly point finger at J&J Jelina*
yum yum yummy!!!! double boiled soup of lotus root with pork ribs and chinese dried mussels
I wanted a 2nd bowl but then it's really limited edition and we gotta feed the whole "village" later when the guys come in

Beautiful Roast Beef by J&J Jelina
it was soon gone coz the kids had to eat first hehehehehe
she actually roasted the beef with this evil bacon strips
these were all gone too.....went so well with champagnes :)))))))))))

Si Fu Lawrence made this wicked Prawn Hor Fun
Really awesome with the silky flat rice noodle, just slurped down your throat
think he used even wicked japanese eggs? Almost SGD 1.80 per egg...but I guess totally worth it...hehehehehehe
inspired from his Bangkok trip, a Thai dish which I've forgotten its name
really spicy yo!!!! but it looked so innocent right?
only vegetables and eggs hehehehehhee
with plenty of flat rice noodle left, Si Fu Lawrence went on to serve us more hor fun
this one was a rendition with fish and squid
it has got the amazing "burnt" taste which u can only acquire at the hawkers place
also gone in seconds...
so dearie M People...u know wat u've missed if u come late huh??
J&J Jelina made this really yummylicious fingerlicking good chicken curry!!!!
with loads of kaffir lime leaves

I was bz digging in for chicken wings
J&J Jelina: "It's all thigh!!! no wings :D"
haiiizzzz -_-
as we were bz indulging, more and more food were being brought out from the kitchen
so u can imagine the ladies were bz eating and yak-ing while the men continued to cook with their men talk
JS stir-fried Kai Lan

they were asking how come simple kai lan can taste so sweet and yummy??
the secret is japanese mirin and sake...opsss!!!!!
not a secret anymore...hehehehhehehehe
those who dun cook, brought yummy food.
this was a really good pohpiah brought by Champagne Queen Val & Chili King Ann Liat from Qiji
Now u can order online from www.qiji.com.sg
Thank you both King and Queen for the yummy Juchheim Baumkuchen cakes!!! they were my favourite :)))) I hand carried them all the way home to Malaysia...hehehehehe
Brian brought the famous claypot chicken rice from Geylang
there's more meat than grains
endless loads of chicken, mushrooms, chinese sausage and liver sausage
The only man who can't cook and never cook was put to test
poor J&J James was pressured

"Hun!!! where is the frying pan???"
"Hun!!!!! I need a bowl for the egg!!!"

20 pairs of eyes were waiting for his famous.........Fried Egg
step one, heat the mini frying pan brought by his lovely hun aka J&J Jelina
then add a healthy dollop of french butter
not any french butter....but it has to be Echire
goodness lord~~~~~~
next crack the beautiful white shelled egg into a small bowl
not just any egg...but it has to be a Okinawa Egg
then carefully and slowly, slid it into the mini frying pan
then it's all about controlling the fire and moving the mini pan around so the yolk will stays in the middle of the show...hahahahaha
J&J James was a natural at this...though he claimed he can't fry any eggs
once it's done, slid it into a plate.....some specks of truffle salt (if u want)
and white pepper!!!
I think I had 2 eggs :P hehehehehehehe

Alcos for the nite
fav was Chateau Rayas *surprise surprise*
the champagne was difficult to choose between Cristal, Billecart rose, DP rose, and KRUG
hmmmm...all also good esp with chinese food :P
Men talk......
nope, I didn't have a pic of ladies talk coz I was too bz yakking away
J&J Jelina baked a pandan chiffon cake
OMG heavenly...think I had 3 slices
so can u imagine how they had to roll me outta the house at the end of the nite?
with my belly as big as a wine barrel
another yummy cake brought by the Champagne Queen and Chili King
with loads of berries in between

but the STAR of all desserts was this
know wat is it???
looked so simple and normal coz it's homemade by this crazy mad auntie
Chou drove out to fetch this baby at the very last minute

the auntie has got mood...
if she's happy, u'll get your cake...else u have nothing but dust
even if u've ordered it in advance, it doesn't mean anything to her
so it's a matter of luck...

with shitload pieces of fresh durian innit
the cake was spongy and light with an even lighter fresh cream

JS lurve it and it was his first slice
"What do ya mean??? U never have this???"
in his small voice JS replied NO

"But...but...the gang had been eating this for the past 6 freaking years!!!" Monkey boomed
JS -_-
"ok ok ok nvm...at least u've tried it now...."
Hey M People,
I know I am gonna miss such cookout again with me lazing by the pool
we need to find a new place to do cookout like this
in the mean time enjoy all your farewells there, we can't be there but will try to in 2 months time
*fingers crossed*

Food & Wines bring amazing People together


Anonymous said...

Aiyooo....those food all looks so yummy! These guys can really cook well. Even the fried egg chef's production oso looks good ;-)

Chasing Food Dreams said...

omg... I ll take the Beef & Egg pls... wondering if they sell Okinawa Egg here in KL?? I dont mind buying a few to try.....

I havent tried Krug & Cristal champagne but Billecart Rose is beautiful... what a feast... love gatherings and cookout with friends... XD

CHER-RY said...

Not only the food looked good, it tasted really really good!!! Home cooked food is alwiz the best :)))

No okinawa eggs for the time being..let's cross our fingers and hope Isetan will bring them in :)))