Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sumi-Ka Yakitori

Sumi-Ka was introduced to us by Dr. Epicurean
tucked in the old part of Subang Jaya at SS15 who would have thought there's a lil gem hidden here?

Yakitori is like everyone's fav food/meal but not for JS
coz there's a lot of chicken going on here LOL!!!!

it wasn't easy locating this outlet
we drove past it 2x b4 Dr. Epicurian came out standing in the middle of the road waving to us

its signage was in black with logo lined in silver color on the front facade, downstairs was a dhobi?
among the other outlets next doors are convenience stores, manga comic bookstore, ayam penyet, baba nyonya cuisine, more dhobi *coz there's 2 huge colleges round the corner*

and it's on the first floor so if u were expecting a shop/restaurant on the ground level, u'll never be able to locate it at all. So we were hobbling up the stairs with our bottles of wine/champanges and personal glasses...and yes wine opener as well
*JS has got this kit that he lugs around when he goes out dining*

the Japanese chef was so passionate grilling sticks of meat on his griller
yeah I know wat u are's intensely HOT by the stove
really really hot with the amber fr charcoals

look at that!!!!
my stomach was already rumbling at the sight and smell

Dr. Epicurean: "Anything that u don't take?"
"Just bring it on!!!!!"
JS >.<
heheheheh our chicken meal!!! I like to call it chicky meal :))))

to assist our dearie non-chicken-eater aka JS to have a good transition we started with yummy heavenly melt in your mouth pork belly in homemade miso

oh heaven....I'm in heaven....
well I doubt heaven has got unhealthy food like this?

perfectly grilled!!!! I was already impressed on my 1st stick!!!!

grilled shiitake mushrooms with nothing on it
except a few specks of sea salt
the mushroomie taste was so intense with long length that stays in your mouth

I was surprised that Chef said he used mainly local ingredients
then it has to be his technique

this was grilled eggplant topped with bonito flakes and ginger
Chef grilled the eggplant till it turned soft before removing its skin to unveil the super sweet soft eggplants on the inside.

when we first sat down, we were served this amuse bouche of crunchy crispy I dunno which part of the pig in yummy umami soya sauce
the sauce has got some ponzu tinge innit, very good appetizer

another type of mushrooms came and 3 more extraordinary sticks oso came
JS sensed that his chicken transition is ending, so here we come chicky meal!!!

those sticks on your right are garlic wrapped with chicken skins!!!!
OMG....BBQ-ed garlics are absolutely sweet and nutty!!!!
as the men were bz chit-chatting, I was being an anti-social enjoying my food so much

we sat at the counter with very very limited seatings
say less than 10 seats?
the men then asked Monkey how was the wine?
"hmm? what wine??? these yakitoris are amazing!!!!"
men -_-"

Chicken knuckles!!!!
oh yumms...u get a bit of crispy skin, a bit of soft meat, a bit of the tendons...
I can have so many sticks of these

oooOOOoooooooo chicken skin!!!!!
with no dressing nothing!! just a few specks of sea salt
I want to marry you!!!!

 Chicken thigh meat grilled to such tenderness then brushed with some sauce
chicken soft bones!!!
u know the crunchy bones near the breast meat?
wow he needed to kill 12x chickens to have 3 skewers of chicken soft bones :P

Chicken wing was simple with nothing innit
but the skin was so crispy and perfectly grilled on all sides all parts
on the inside it was very very moist and juicy
I was so afraid that as I sink my teeth innit...the juice and oil will splatter to my neighbours

coz I ate like this!!!!
HAHAHAHA nope I did not...if I did JS will dis-own me
hmmm I have got healthy good teeth!!!...nice nice....

I wasn't counting my sticks either....coz the bunch kept on growing
the waitress kept on removing it off...thank goodness for that
else I will looked like some hooligan hungry wolves whopping down every single items/sticks off the grill

Beef tongue
with a lot of fats in between its muscle....very very good texture.
in terms of taste...taste like beef lor

there's other things on its menu like quail eggs, chicken gizzards, intestines, trachea and so many other parts but we didn't waste time on those

 I forgotten wat was this but it was beef
with some crispy beef fat on the last bit of the skewers
the fat was so crispy I thought it was pork lards :P

Yakitori of shallots!!!!
caramelized and sweet like nectar

Dr. Epicurian and Shocked JS
shocked fr the chicky meal
he has not have so much of chicken in his life
the 3 of us were in PINK :)))))

grilled squid
there's also prawns, fish and shellfish
but our tummies were saving the BEST for the LAST

japanese rice ball :)))))))))))
comfort food!!!!!
nope this wasn't the "saving the best for the last"
OMG~~~~~ oh lord~~~~~
crispy crackling rice on the outside wrapping soft and moist fluffy grains
ultimate comfort food

the Chef has mastered the art of controlling his amber
how do u even grill rice ball to this perfection????
u hungry yet???
wait till u see the bomb

Chef speaks Shanghainese mandarin
but most of the time he commands his team in japanese
90% of his clients are japanese

and the BOMB arrived
so simple with no dressing at all
Grilled Pork Knucles!!!!

a pic from my Iphone
oh damn~~~~~~

I want to marry u too!!!
if u noticed, it's baby pork knucle...not ur usual size

the tendons and cartilage melts in your mouth

Wat are u waiting for?
go and book your seats now
it was so good I went back again in a week's time
*now I m gonna have trouble zipping up my gown for another Ball tonite*

Sumi-ka Yakitori
No. 19, 1st Floor,

Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 603 5632 9312/ 6016 224 9312


js said...

Don't expect imported snob jap food stuff at this place......the chef uses all local ingredients including local charcoal......but yet.....he can get such flavours from the local foodstuff! Who's says local food stuff cannot compare with imported food stuff??!! In the hands of a good chef, anything that he touches will be good! I rest my case :)))

Food Dreams said...

I m Hooked!!! U sold Sumi-ka to ME!!! Gonna round up my family for this soon....

btw... just curious.. JS dun like chicken or he cannot really eat chicken?? hehehe... just kay poh XD

js said...

Errrrr food dreams.....I will eat chicken if there are no other choices.....or unless its very well prepared and cooked like at sumika. :)) casual pressure....friendly.....a sure formula for success.

CHER-RY said...

oh MUST GO!!!!! Must book as well coz we alwiz see them turned down so many walk-ins.

Food Dreams said...

lol....ok... sorry to be so kaypoh JS.. just never met anyone who dont like chicken... kakaka ;)

ok, thks Cherry.. and yes I Love Onigiri.. that one looked simply to-die-for!