Friday, October 05, 2012

JMen launch

in most events that I've attended, I alwiz receive VERBAL invitation from the host and the actual invites will come in much later

when I got it in my hands....I text-ed Samuel
"Wat the hell is Sartorial???"
Samuel: "Hahahaha everyone asked me that. Just be yourself in the most exquisite way. It means tailored attire where everyone must have a pair of something which they think they look most beautiful in."

"errrrrr a pair of my eyes???"
Samuel: "..........just come in your nicest dress where you believe you may charm all the male guests of the night *wink wink*"

"but.......all my dresses are nice!!! and I alwiz charm everyone!!! not only the male guests but female and LGBT too!!!"
He was really sweet to actually entertain me :P

Samuel: "Well just come and dress to kill. Not one person but all of them."
oooOooooo I like this theme
the very first issue of JMen was printed and sent out on first week of September
*they shot Dae Na in NYC!!!!*
copies were hand delivered to me, a few were courier-ed, a few were dispatched by boys and the management also came personally and delivered a few to me

soon within that week I was drowned in stacks of JMen first issues
coz each of them delivered 5x copies

evil me had the liberty to ask their competitor XXXX
"Hey!!! have u seen the first issue of JMen???? U gotta see it, it's so fabulous!!! I'm gonna send you a few copies."
well since I had so many copies I might as well make full use of them....but prollie sending them to their competitors isn't a good idea.
Told ya I'm a Notti Monkey
:D heeeeeeeeee
Dae Na on the cover of the first issue
:)))))))) L.O.V.E.

Dae Na had graced the covers of Vogue Homme Japan, Glow magazine and now JMen
he has walked for Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2013
and is on Donna Karan's Fall Winter 2012 Ad Campaign

I can feed on this for lunch later

We were chauffeured by their event partner - Volvo
fete-ed on Martell's concoction of whiskey and Martell Punch
had cigars from Davidoff
thank you dearie JMen's sponsors :))))

Fabian had an ear-full from yours truly as I waited at the marquee for our "ride"
coz we had to wait in line for 4 cute lil Volvo to fetch all of us....yeah all the guests to the venue, it was a 30 mins wait >.<

Sweet Devil Rachel, Monkey, Beautiful CS, BCBG Amy

I guess after ransacking our wardrobe, the word Sartorial just lost its meaning
okie I will still say my EYES...and I came with them
Mes Ami Sal!!!
the lady behind Jessica Magazine
and finally Samuel the Editor-in-Chief of JMen
I watched him grew up from a young man to a successful one today
and he watched me grow old *bluek*

Congratulations on the successful launch
love u heaps!!!!

and so today I am dead tired, from attending events and social functions
every single nite for this week....tonite another one
and one more to go tomorrow.....yes I know on a Saturday
I just need to eat less to squeeze into my gown now
*that explains the lack of food posting this week*

Happy Friday peeps and have a smashing weekend coz I'm gonna have an amazing one


Food Dreams said...

hehe... someone ask me if I wanted to go for the launch... just could not make it since I had something else the same night.... else I would have met you!

Have a great Weekend!! :D

CHER-RY said...

hahahah don't worry, there will be another time we'll "bump" into each other. KL is a very small place :))