Tuesday, October 09, 2012

YSL Cabas Chyc

They never stop and never fail to impress huh?
when I saw this color I GASPED so loud and scared the shit outta the person who happened to be next to me then.

"What what?"

"oh nothing....it's just a bag...."
that person -_-"

the gold colored Y buckle matches so well with pink calfskin textured leather
I have to stop ogling at bags...
something to celebrate *clink champagne glasses* I have not purchase a bag for the past 6 months!!!
oh my freaking gawd...this is an achievement!!!!

a lil voice inside me told me to keep this up
then the evil part of me said I can buy as many bags as I want to make it up for all the 6 months of losses when we head to Paris next month.

anyway chill peeps...I've already got one in RED, I will not get another same bag in different color.
*well that has yet to happen*
**pls pls don't let that happen, coz I am contemplating another Chanel 2.55 in different color**



Read about my RED YSL cabas here *click*

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